The Student Consumer Information regulations of the United States Department of Education require colleges and universities to provide prospective and current students and employees access to certain information to which they are entitled as consumers. It is Virginia Western’s intention to provide complete and easy access to any information students and employees need.

Schools must also provide a notice of student rights under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Campus Contacts for Consumer Information

Individuals seeking assistance with obtaining general institutional consumer and disclosure information should contact the Dean of Student Services, Chapman Hall C102, 540-857-6348. For assistance with student financial information, contact the Director of Financial Aid, Veterans Affairs and Records, Chapman Hall C106, 540-857-6495.

General Student Disclosures

Financial Assistance/Aid

For information on available federal, state, local, private, and institutional need-based and non-need-based assistance programs, please contact the Financial Aid Office 855-874-6690 or use the following links:

Academic Programs, Costs, Facilities and Policies

Academic Programs

Virginia Western offers a variety of academic programs including two year Associate of Arts, Associate of Science and Associate of Applied Science degrees as well as shorter certificate and career studies certificate programs. A summary of academic programs is provided here.

In addition, non-credit programs are offered through the School of Career & Corporate Training. For additional information on non-credit programs, please visit the School of Career & Corporate Training website.

Instructional Facilities

Virginia Western has a number of facilities dedicated to serving the training and education needs of our students. These facilities offer different environments to support the various levels of use of technology in support of instruction. Instructional facilities on the main campus include:

  • 12 buildings – including offices, classrooms, laboratories, gymnasium, auditorium, cafeteria, and library;
  • Computer lab facilities – including computer graphics labs;
  • Technology classrooms – classrooms that are equipped to make it easier for faculty to use technology in their classes;
  • Laboratories for automated manufacturing, Cisco, construction engineering, drafting, electrical, electromechanical microcomputer systems, CAD, and engineering microcomputers;
  • Laboratories for the natural sciences, nursing, radiation oncology, and practical nursing;
  • 2,100 square foot greenhouse;
  • Dental Hygiene clinic.

For additional information on Virginia Western’s facilities and a map of its campus, please use the following links:

Off-campus facilities

The Claude Moore Education Complex at the Roanoke Higher Education Center
All culinary arts courses are offered at the Claude Moore Center. Students in the Al Pollard Culinary Arts AAS degree program and the Culinary Arts and Baking & Pastry career studies certificate programs, take culinary classes at this location. Included are classrooms and laboratory space as well as access to the Roanoke Higher Education Center Library. Students at this site also have access to all available Virginia Western services. Additional information on services for students can be found here.

Greenfield Education & Training Center
This 40,000 square foot facility is dedicated to serving the training and education needs of regional employers, employees, and citizens. The facility houses advanced training and technological resources designed to deliver the best in technological programming. In addition to the public libraries in Botetourt county, the students at this site also have access to all available Virginia Western services. Additional information on services for students can be found here.

Franklin Center for Advanced Learning & Enterprise
Located in the heart of Downtown Rocky Mount’s Business District, The Franklin Center for Advanced Learning & Enterprise is managed by the Franklin County Workforce Development Consortium–a partnership offering employment, training, and educational services to employers and citizens of Franklin County. Virginia Western offers an assortment of general education courses at the Franklin Center each year. These courses may be used to satisfy certain requirements in the Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Associate of Applied Science and Certificate programs at Virginia Western. Developmental mathematics and English courses are also offered at this site when there is sufficient interest. In addition to the Franklin County Library system, the students at this site also have access to all available Virginia Western services. Additional information on services for students can be found here.

High Schools
Dual enrollment classes are offered at numerous high schools in the Virginia Western service area. Through House Bill 1184, Virginia Western has a plan with each of the public high schools that provides a pathway for high school students to complete either the Certificate in General Education or the Associate of Science degree in General Studies while in high school. Additional information on HB1184 plans can be found here.

Dual enrollment classes are offered at:

  • Public High Schools
    • Lord Botetourt High School, Botetourt County Schools
    • Craig County High School, Craig County Schools
    • Franklin County High School, Franklin County Schools
    • Patrick Henry High School, Roanoke City Schools
    • William Fleming High School, Roanoke City Schools
    • Cave Spring High School, Roanoke County Schools
    • Glenvar High School, Roanoke County Schools
    • Hidden Valley High School, Roanoke County Schools
    • Northside High School, Roanoke County Schools
    • William Byrd High School, Roanoke County Schools
    • Salem High School, Salem City Schools
  • Career and Technical Education Centers
    • Botetourt Technical Education Center, Botetourt County School
    • Roanoke Technical Education Center, Roanoke City Schools
    • Burton Center for Arts and Technology, Roanoke County Schools
  • Independent High Schools
    • Roanoke Catholic School
  • Regional
    • Roanoke Valley Governor’s School for Science and Technology

All dual enrollment students have access to their high school library. In addition, these students have access to the Virginia Western Library, learning resources and student services. Additional information on services for students can be found here.

Virginia Western houses four academic schools, listed below. Faculty contact information may be accessed through the Employee Directory.

  • School of Business, Technology and Trades (BTT)
  • School of Health Professions (HP)
  • School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (LASS)
  • School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

Program Reviews

Virginia Western implements a plan of continuous improvement for all academic programs through the college’s Academic Program Review Process. This process is described in detail on the Institutional Effectiveness website.

Written Arrangements

Dual Enrollment: Community College dual enrollment for public high school students is part of a state agreement. In addition, Virginia Western has its own signed agreements with each of the school systems offering dual enrollment courses. For more information, please contact the dual enrollment coordinator at 540-857-7313 or visit the Dual Enrollment website.

Health Sciences: Virginia Western offers its A.A.S. in Dental Hygiene program to students at Danville Community College and Lord Fairfax Community College. Through these collaborative academic agreements, Virginia Western faculty provide instruction through distance learning to students on those college campuses. Credit is awarded on Virginia Western transcripts, and graduates receive their degrees through Virginia Western. In accordance with the established Virginia Western transfer credit policies, a minimum of 25% of the credits used to fulfill degree requirements are completed at Virginia Western.

Likewise, Virginia Western offers its A.A.S. in Radiation Oncology program to students at Northern Virginia Community College.

Course Electives: To expand course elective offerings, Virginia Western provides its students with access to shared services distance learning courses (SSDL) offered through other Virginia community colleges. Virginia Western identifies these courses clearly in the online course schedule. Credit for these courses is awarded on Virginia Western transcripts, and count as credits earned at Virginia Western. Additional costs, if any, are available in the course description of the class schedule.

School Costs

For information on current tuition rates and payment options, please visit the Paying for Virginia Western website.

Estimated total cost of attendance (PDF)
Estimates of costs for necessary books and supplies: $1500*
Estimates of typical charges for room and board: $3894-$6936*
Estimates of transportation costs for students: $2500*
Any additional cost of a program in which a student is enrolled or expresses an interest:

*Based on full-time enrollment of 12 or more credits

Withdrawal procedures, refunds and return of aid

For information on Virginia Western’s tuition refund policy and procedures, please contact the Enrollment Center at 855-874-6690 or use the following link: Refund Policy and Procedures.

For information on Virginia Western’s class withdrawal policy and procedures, please contact the Enrollment Center at 855-874-6690.

For information on Virginia Western’s policy regarding refunds, credits, and reinstatement as a result of military service, please use this link: Refunds, Credits, and Reinstatement as a result of military service.

For information on the return of federal grant and loan funds for withdrawn students, please use this link: Refunds of Title IV Funds for Withdrawn Students. Please note that this policy also applies to the Commonwealth Grant (COMA) and Virginia Guaranteed Assistance Program (VGAP).


College and programmatic accreditation information is located here.

To review accreditation documentation, please contact the Institutional Effectiveness Office at


Information on Disability Services is available from the Office of Disability Services, Student Life Center S207 or by phone at 540-857-7286. Information on the services provided, guidelines and accessing services is provided on the Office of Disability Services website.

FSA Eligibility for Study Abroad

Virginia Western Community College does not participate in consortium agreements with institutions outside of the United States for purposes of study abroad.

Transfer of Credit Policies

For information on transfer credit earned at another institution and how this credit may be eligible for transfer to Virginia Western, please visit the Transcript Evaluation site.

For information on Credit for Prior Learning for previous academic study, occupational experience, military training, and credit by exam (CLEP, AP, IB), please visit the Credit for Prior Learning site.

As a member of the Virginia Community College System, Virginia Western has guaranteed admission agreements with many of the public four year institutions in Virginia. In addition, the College has articulation agreements with additional programs and institutions in the state. For a complete list of the agreements available to Virginia Western students, please visit the Transfer Agreement site.

Transfer information and policies are available on the Transfer Advising website.

Contact Information

If you are a prospective student with questions about the enrollment process, please contact an Enrollment Center representative at or 855-874-6690.

Penalties and Institutional Policies on Copyright Infringement

For information on copyright policies, digital copyright and file sharing and alternatives for downloading music and movies, please contact the library at 540-857-7303 or visit the copyright website.

Completion, Graduation, Transfer, Retention and Placement Rates

For information on completion, graduation, transfer, retention and placement rates, please review the information below. Additional information can be found through the Virginia Western Fact Book or from the Institutional Effectiveness office at

Postsecondary Education and Employment Data published by SCHEV:

College Navigator

College Navigator – yearly data provided by Virginia Western Community College to IPEDS (the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System).


Virginia Western makes public disclosure of any program, no matter the method of delivery, designed to meet educational requirements for specific professional licensure or certification that is required for employment or is marketed as such. Disclosures indicate whether the program meets such requirements in the state where the student is located, does not meet requirements in that state, or that no determination has been made. The impacted programs are:

Campus Crime and Safety Information

The Campus Police Department is dedicated to serving the campus community by creating and maintaining a safe, secure environment that encourages the free flow of ideas and learning. The links below provide the annual campus security statistics and crime report. For additional information on campus security or to request a paper copy of the college’s annual security report, please contact the Campus Police Department 540-857-7979.

Emergency Response & Evacuation Procedures

The College has a Crisis Management Plan and a Continuity of Operations Plan to address response to various potential threats and hazards and for continuing business operations and academic programs in the event of a major disaster or event that impacts college facilities. Included in the Crisis Management Plan are procedures for communicating emergencies to the campus community, evacuating facilities, providing shelter-in-place locations and actions to take in the event of lockdown orders. Information regarding these plans may be obtained from the Campus Police Department, Dean of Student Services, or the Human Resources Department through the links and numbers listed below.

  • Crisis Management
  • Campus Security/Campus Safety Video
  • Campus Police Department – 540-857-7979 – College Services Building – South Campus
  • Dean of Student Services – 540-857-6348 – Chapman Hall C102 – South Campus
  • Human Resources Department – 540-857-7282 – Fishburn Hall F003 – North Campus

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention

Information about drug and alcohol abuse prevention can be found here. For additional information, contact the Intervention Counselor at 540-857-6711 or Human Resources at 540-857-7282.

Textbook Information

For textbook information, including the International Standards Book Number (ISBN) and retail price, please contact the college’s bookstore 540-857-7334 or use the following link: VWCC Bookstore

Loan Counseling

For information on Student loan counseling, contact the Financial Aid Office by phone at 855-874-6690, by email at or through the financial aid website.


Virginia Western does not require vaccinations for general admission. Program specific vaccination requirements are available on program information webpages.

Voter Registration

Virginia Western encourages all students to register to vote. To obtain a voter registration form or for more information on voter registration, please visit the Voter Registration Information page.


Virginia Western Community College and its representatives will not engage in misrepresentation. This includes misrepresentation of the nature of its educational program, its financial charges, the employability of its graduates, or its relationship with the Department of Education. Misrepresentation is prohibited in all forms, including those made in any promotional or marketing materials. Virginia Western intends to relay true and accurate information in all forms.