Students interested in taking classes on campus or online through the Dual Enrollment program or Regional Academy must have a computer that meets the computer access requirements required by the college.

High School aged students who did not take the Placement Test prior to COVID-19 that would like to enroll in dual enrollment English, history, math, science or other classes that transfer to a 4-year college MUST have a 3.0 GPA for admission. Please refer to the online college catalog to review course descriptions for pre-or concurrent requirements, and to the chart found under Placement Testing.

The Virginia Western Dual Enrollment program is committed to providing high-school age students who can demonstrate college readiness with the opportunity to complete college-level classes at their local high schools, on the VWCC main or satellite campus and virtually though the VWCC on-line courses. Students should check with their school division to determine if the campus and on-line classes satisfy requirements for high school graduation.

High school students may have the opportunity to complete their General Studies Associate Degree or General Education Certificate concurrent with high school graduation. Students should contact their high school guidance department for further information and refer to the Governor’s Scholar Program HB1184 Plans for their school division.

Dual Enrollment students are limited to 18 college credit hours per semester. Students are encouraged to think carefully about other high school classes, work and activities before committing to the maximum number of credits. For most dual enrollment students 3 – 9 credit hours per semester is recommended.

All students taking on-line classes that are required to use the VWCC Testing Center or other proctored locations, must show government issued photo ID before testing can be administered.

At the High School

Dual enrollment classes are taught at the high school by VWCC credentialed high-school instructors. Enrollment is submitted to the college by the high school guidance department. Tuition charges are paid to the high school. Classes follow the Dual Enrollment Calendar that has been established for the school division. Student requests to add, drop or withdraw from these classes must be submitted by the high school. Please review that calendar carefully for add, drop and withdrawal deadlines that may impact tuition refunds and the students permanent college record.

Tuition at the high school may be significantly lower than the campus standard tuition rate based on services provided by the school division.

On Campus

On campus opportunities for high school and home-schooled students are available through the college’s regularly scheduled classes and through the Dual Enrollment Academy Programs.

Courses taught by VWCC faculty online or on-campus require the standard tuition rate.

All classes taught on campus or on-line through VWCC follow the Academic Calendar posted for the college. Students must register for these classes through the college’s Enrollment Center. Students must bring the Dual Enrollment High School/Home School Enrollment Approval Form with them.