Important dates for submitting rosters, dropping or adding a class, withdrawing from a class and entering grades can be found on the Dual Enrollment Calendar.

The calendars are prepared based on the start/end date of the high school semester.  Please review the calendar posted below based on that criterion.

  • Students and parents involved with dual enrollment classes at a high school should refer to the Dual Enrollment Calendar below.
  • Students taking classes on the VWCC campus or online classes should refer to the Academic Calendar.

Dual Enrollment Calendar

For the 20-21 school year, due to COVID concerns, we will have one DE calendar for all schools. Dates are based on the LAST school division start date.

Year-Long Classes
09/28 – 06/21
1st Semester Classes
09/28 – 01/22
2nd Semester Classes
02/01 – 06/21
Syllabus Due09/11/2009/11/2001/11/21
Enrollment Spreadsheets Due09/18/2009/18/2001/11/21
Last Day to Add10/16/2010/01/2002/05/21
Last Day to Drop*11/09/2010/15/2002/22/21
Signed Class Rosters Due11/09/2010/15/2002/22/21
Withdraw Date*03/10/2112/07/2004/26/21
Student Course Evaluations Due06/11/2101/15/2106/11/21
Copy of Final Exam Due06/11/2101/15/2106/11/21
Teacher Self-Evaluation Due06/11/2106/11/2106/11/21
Grade Portal Open
Grade portal will be open for instructors to enter their grades in the VWCC SIS system.
All-Year and 2nd Semester grades must be entered by the last teacher workday of the school division.
05/12 – 06/21/2101/04 – 01/29/2105/12 – 06/21/21

Class Start Date: Rosters are due prior to the start date of the VWCC class.

Last day to DROP a class: Teachers need to print out their VWCC SIS class roster and verify that it is correct. Billing to the school divisions will initiate after this date.

Last day to WITHDRAW from a class: No refund to school division; student will have a “W” on their transcript providing they are passing the class at the time of withdrawal.