Registration is not complete until tuition is paid in full by the payment deadline. If tuition is not received by the payment deadline, your classes will be deleted and you will need to re-register for your classes.

Students who have completed and submitted their FAFSA on-line and are awaiting initial Financial Aid approval are not protected from their classes being dropped during the enrollment cancellation process. Students in this situation will need to pay their balance in full by the payment deadline or enroll in a tuition payment plan.

For Virginia Western Educational Foundation Scholarship recipients, funds are credited to your account during the initial registration period and before the final payment deadline to avoid being dropped from classes during enrollment cancellation.

Community College Access Program (CCAP) participants will be protected from their classes being dropped during the enrollment cancellation process. A “do-not-drop” indicator will be placed on their student account until funds are credited.

There are several ways to pay tuition and fees.

Option 1: Paying Online (Preferred Method)

The Cashiers Office can only accept cash, check and money orders for tuition and mandatory fee payments. Payments for tuition and mandatory fees by bank card (including debit and credit cards) will need to be processed online through MyVWCC. The online payment system is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Click here for detailed instructions.


  • If you pay online and are later due a refund, that refund may only be returned to the credit card used for payment.
  • When entering your credit card payment information online, you must enter a 4-digit year for the expiration date.

Option 2: Paying Through the Tuition Payment Plan

Virginia Western is pleased to participate in Nelnet tuition payment plan. For a non-refundable fee of $30.00 – $45.00, Nelnet allows you to pay your tuition in monthly, interest-free payments. The earlier you enroll, the more payment options you have. Payments are deducted around the 16th of each month depending on whether you make your payments by automatic bank payment or credit card. 

Enrollment for Fall 2021

Plans are available beginning May 20, 2021.

Plan NumberTermPlan TermsDeposit %Payment DatesLast Day to Enroll
1Fall 2021Deposit + 10 payments10%Aug 3 – Dec 1807/23/21
2Fall 2021Deposit + 8 payments20%Sept 3 – Dec 1808/25/21
3Fall 2021Deposit + 6 payments40%Oct 3 – Dec 1809/23/21
4Fall 2021Deposit + 4 payments50%Nov 3 – Dec 1810/25/21
5Fall 2021Deposit + 2 payments50%Dec 3 – Dec 1811/23/21
6Fall 2021Deposit + 5 payments10%Aug 18 – Dec 188/9/2021
7Fall 2021Deposit + 4 payments20%Sept 18 – Dec 189/9/2021
8Fall 2021Deposit + 3 payments30%Oct 18 – Dec 1810/6/2021
9Fall 2021Deposit + 2 payments40%Nov 18 – Dec 1811/8/2021
10Fall 2021Deposit + 1 payment50%Dec 1812/9/2021

Instructions for Enrollment in the Tuition Payment Plan

Option 3: Payments via Mail

Checks for the exact amount due may be mailed to:

Virginia Western Community College
Attn: Financial and Admin Services
3093 Colonial Ave. SW
Roanoke, VA 24015

Please include your Student ID number in the memo field of the check for processing, and mail your check in time to meet the payment deadline to avoid having your classes dropped during the enrollment cancellation period.

Option 4: Paying in Person (available by appointment only)

Tuition and fees can be paid by cash, check, and money order at the Cashier’s Office in Fishburn Hall. You must have your Student ID number available at time of payment. Checks in excess of tuition cannot be accepted.

The Paying in Person option is currently available by appointment only. Appointments can be made through your Navigate portal or by calling the Cashier’s Office at 540-857-6347.

Other Options (If Applicable)

Financial Aid

All financial aid, including loans, will be credited directly to your student account. The award(s) will be used to pay all outstanding amounts you owe to the college for the semester. To pay with approved (anticipated) financial aid, you must have received an Official Financial Aid Notification letter from the Financial Aid Office. If you have a credit balance after all obligations have been met, you will be issued a refund. If your award(s) do not full cover your account balance, you must pay the balance by the payment deadline using one of our other payment methods to avoid having your classes dropped during the enrollment cancellation period.

If you have questions concerning your award letter, or if your financial situation has changed since previously applying for financial aid, contact our Financial Aid & Student Accounts Support Center.

Third Party Contract

If your employer or another party will be paying your tuition, please contact Eydee Bernier at or 540-857-6671 before payment deadline to avoid having your classes dropped during the enrollment cancellation period.

Third Party Tuition Sponsorship Agreement (PDF)

If there are questions regarding Accounts Receivable payments or third party billing in relation to a student’s accounts, contact 540-857-6671.

1098-T Tax Form Information

1098-T forms are mailed by the end of January each year.

The 1098-T form is used to report payment information for students to the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) as required by the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997.

The 1098-T form is a tuition payment statement used to report tuition and educational related expenses to the Internal Revenue services (IRS) and to the student as required by the Internal Revenue Code. It provides the dollar amount of cash, check and credit card payments made for tuition and fees in the current year. Tuition and Fees paid in a prior year for the next year’s term must be claimed in the year paid.

Students whose qualified tuition and related expenses that were totally refunded, waived, paid by scholarships, grants (Federal PELL, SEOG, etc.) or state grants (COMA, VGAP, etc) or third parties will not receive a 1098-T.

1098-T’s are not mailed to students who have not included their Social Security Numbers in their student account at VWCC (IRS Requirement); forms are mailed to address on file. Please ensure your address on file is current.

Students may access their 1098-T on the TRA website