VWCC has developed a comprehensive “all hazards” safety plan. The plan is designed to prepare us for unlikely events such as hostile situations, as well as likely events such as inclement weather (tornado, snowstorm).

A number of measures have been implemented to notify the campus community in the event of a problem:

  • VW Mass Notification System – Automatically alerts by phone, email & PDA of emergency situations that could affect the campus
  • IP Phone System – A phone is located in every classroom & will broadcast instructions thru speakerphone
  • Outdoor Siren – This siren will only sound when you are asked to lockdown
  • Fire Alarms – If this alarm sounds, leave the building quickly and move to designated area. DO NOT LEAVE!
  • VWtvs – Televisions with the ability to be programmed with College messages are in place around campus
  • VW Website – In the event of an emergency, a special page with instructions will replace our normal website
  • Building Emergency Coordinators and Floor Captains
  • CARE Team – A team of counselors, staff & administrators that handle referrals for students or employees in distress or who may pose a threat to the campus community. Please see your School Dean for more information.
  • Threat Assessment Team – A team tasked with dealing with potentially eminent problem students or staff.

Several terms will be used when an alert is issued which will instruct you on what to do next:

  • Evacuation – Evacuate the buildings quickly and quietly following the evacuation plans in your classroom.
  • Shelter in Place – This will be used in the event of an emergency (i.e. weather event). Move to the designated interior safe spaces and stay there until you are given an all clear message.
  • Lockdown – This will be used in the event of a danger situation, such as a shooter or hazardous materials release. Lock the door to your office or classroom (barricade the door if possible), turn off the lights, turn off your cell phone, get low and stay out of site, and stay quiet. If the fire alarm goes off, do not leave unless you smell smoke. Stay in your lockdown location until someone in authority that you recognize tells you that the situation is over. Do not open the door unless you recognize the person of authority on the other side.