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Policy Number: II-301
Effective Date: December 5, 2012
Last Reviewed: October 23, 2020
Responsible Dept.: Vice President of Financial & Administrative Services

A signed copy of this policy is available in the President’s Office.

Right of Appeal Application (PDF)


Provide students, employees, and visitors with a sufficient and well regulated parking environment. Monitor and enforce designated areas of parking, as well as maintain the smooth and orderly flow of vehicular traffic while negotiating individual lots. Maintain the safety of pedestrians, vehicles and buildings by regularly enforcing handicap, police, facility maintenance, fire lane and other designated and restricted parking which is paramount to the smooth operation of the College.


This policy applies to all Virginia Western Community College (VWCC) employees, students, guests and visitors.


The College has reviewed and established a schedule of parking violations and fines approved by the College Board. These violations and fines are established to encourage the regulation and conformance of parking regulations by students, employees, guests and visitors. This policy and supporting documents replace all previous parking procedures and fine schedules established between the College and the City of Roanoke.

Parking Permits

Staff and Faculty

All staff and faculty are required to display a parking hangtag on their vehicle. This tag shall be displayed by hanging it from the rearview mirror with the tag number facing out of the windshield. If for some reason the tag is unable to be properly displayed (motorcycle, convertible, etc.) the staff or faculty member shall contact campus police for alternative permit display options. There is no fee associated with staff/faculty parking hang tags. Permits must be relinquished upon resignation or termination of employment.

Visitors, Guests, Contractors and Vendors

Temporary parking permits will be issued as needed upon request to the Virginia Western Campus Police Department or their designee. The Temporary Parking Permits will establish the parking expectations and limitations for the permit user. Issuance of a Temporary Parking Permit does not diminish the requirements and regulations contained within this policy.


Students will not be issued parking permits. Students are expected to abide by all parking regulations established by the College or its representatives. Students found to be in violation of the College’s parking regulations may be issued a parking violation ticket, a written warning and/or be subject to the Student Conduct Hearing and Review process.

Parking Violations and Fines

1. Overtime Parking$20.00
2. Loading Zone$20.00
3. Faculty/Staff Parking Only$20.00
4. Parking in non-designated area$20.00
5. No Parking/Standing$20.00
6. Restricted Parking$20.00
7. Improper Display of Placard (Disabled)$20.00
8. Blocking Traffic$20.00
9. Parking Wrong Direction$20.00
10. Too close to corner/intersection (15 feet)$20.00
11. Parking on Sidewalk$20.00
12. Parking in or along grass$20.00
13. Fire Hydrant (within 15 feet)$50.00
14. Fire Lane$50.00
15. Disabled/Handicap Parking Only$50.00

Payment and Fines

  1. Tickets issued by officers will be printed on an envelope developed for this purpose. The ticket envelope will identify the date and time of violation, registered license plate and state, type of vehicle and color, location of offense, and type of violation and commensurate fine. Directions related to payment, payment deadline and/or administrative relief will also be included on the envelope.
  2. Tickets must be paid within 30 calendar days of issuance.
    1. Payments not made within 30 days will result in a hold being placed on the student’s account. The hold shall prevent the student from registering for classes, receiving grades and/or transcripts and from graduation. For vehicles registered to non-student or staff members, a hold shall be placed upon the student’s account affiliated with the registered owner of the vehicle. Example: When a son or daughter drive a vehicle registered to their parents, the vehicle information received through Virginia DMV will be used to determine the violator’s identity and a hold will be placed upon the student’s account.
    2. Persons receiving three (3) violations during a semester that remain unpaid and outstanding will be identified as violating the College’s Student Rules of Conduct. These student violators will be forwarded to the Dean of Student Services and a hearing will be scheduled before the Student Conduct Committee. Students may then risk suspension or expulsion from the institution.
  3. Payments must be made to the Virginia Western Cashier Office located in Fishburn Hall during normal business hours.

Issuing Tickets for Violations

  1. Campus Police and Security Officers are authorized to issue tickets or warnings for parking violations. Officers utilize judgment and discretion when issuing parking ticket violations. This discretion is held solely by the issuing officer and the officer’s supervisors. Officer discretion is not directed, controlled or influenced by college administration.
  2. Officers shall properly and completely fill out a ticket envelope. The information contained on the envelope shall establish: date and time of violation, registered license plate and state, type of vehicle and color, location of offense, and type of violation and commensurate fine. The officer’s signature and shield number shall also be recorded.
  3. Each ticket will consist of three copies. The original copy (white) will be submitted to the Cashier Office for use in reconciling payments. The second ticket copy (yellow) will be held by the Campus Police Department for tracking and recordkeeping purposes. The remaining envelope (red) will be left with the violator’s vehicle, affixed to the windshield under the driver-side wiper blade, if practicable for ease of payment.

Appeal Process

  1. Initial appeals for parking violations may be made in person to the issuing officer within seventy two (72) hours of the violation.
  2. All other appeals shall be made in writing to the Chief of Police or designee within seven (7) business days of the issuance of the ticket. Written appeals must be submitted utilizing the college’s Right of Appeal Application (PDF) which can be found on the Virginia Western Campus Police internet site. No appeal will be considered beyond seven (7) days of the violation.
  3. A formal response to the appeal will be made within seven (7) business days by the Campus Police Chief or designee. All decisions on appeal are final.

Special Event Parking

  1. The Chief of Police or designee reserves the right to suspend the issuing of tickets for violations during special events.
  2. Grass areas may be opened to parking during special events at the discretion of the Chief of Police.
  3. Parking in fire lanes is strictly prohibited at all times regardless of event or reason.

Towing or Removal of Vehicles

  1. The College reserves the right to remove vehicles from its property that are creating a safety hazard, blocking traffic, parked in a fire lane, parked in a handicapped space without properly displayed verification of handicap status, or if the vehicle is disabled or leaking excess fluid contaminants into the lot that may suffuse into the Roanoke Valley watershed.
  2. Owners and/or operators of towed vehicles must check with the Campus Police Department for information regarding the reason for the tow and the contact information for the towing service.
  3. Virginia Western Community College and its agents are not responsible for fees, damage or loss incurred during the towing, nor will the College be held liable for any subsequent vehicle storage fees established by the towing contractor. Towing expenses are not subject to appeal, nor are the violations which generated the need for the removal of the vehicle.
  4. Vehicles may be towed without notification of the owner/operator under a variety of circumstances. For example: A vehicle may be towed without notification to the owner/operator when it prevents the college from fulfilling its mission in relation to class delivery (i.e. parking in the motorcycle parking lot over a weekend when classes are scheduled) or for exigency or safety.


“College” -for the purpose of this policy the “College” shall mean the physical space operated as Virginia Western Community College as well as the executive and governing members of its administration.

“Campus Police Officer” – duly certified law enforcement officer meeting all required Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) standards and who are affirmed and sworn through the Circuit Court of the City of Roanoke.

“Campus Security Officer” -Any person employed by the College who is trained as a Security Officer under the criteria set forth by DCJS.

“Administration” – refers to any college President, Vice President or their respective designee.

Parking Violation General Definitions

Overtime Parking – vehicles parked in excess of the posted time limits. Posted time limits vary according to signage and location.

Loading Zone – vehicles parked within a posted loading zone without proper authorization.

Faculty/Staff Parking Only – vehicles parked in faculty/staff parking lots without proper VWCC hangtag displayed.

Parking in non-designated area – vehicles parked in areas not designated for parking.

No Parking/Standing – vehicles parked or left standing while occupied or not in areas designated as no parking, no stopping or standing.

Restricted Parking – vehicle parking in areas specifically designated by signage for a unique user group including but not limited to: stork parking, Career Center parking, Workforce Development parking, etc.

Improper display of Placard (Disabled) – failure to properly display handicapped parking placard from windshield when parking in a designated handicapped parking location.

Blocking Traffic – parking a vehicle in such a manner as to inhibit, endanger or alter the free and safe flow of traffic.

Parking Wrong Direction – parking a vehicle in such a direction in which it faces oncoming traffic and may create a hazard to traffic once the vehicle is initially moved into the travel lane.

Too close to corner/intersection (15 feet) – vehicles parked within fifteen (15) feet of a traffic intersection in such a manner as to potentially create a limited line of sight and danger for vehicles entering said intersection.

Parking on Sidewalk – any vehicle parked on or partially parked on a sidewalk. This excludes Virginia Western Campus Police and Maintenance and designated contractor vehicles.

Parking in or along grass – parking in any fashion on a grassy area controlled and/or owned by the college without express permission of the Chief of Police is prohibited.

Fire Hydrant (within 15 feet) – vehicles that park within fifteen (15) feet of a fire hydrant.

Fire Lane – parking, stopping or standing in a designated fire lane. Fire lane may be designated by posted sign or by yellow curb or travel lane markings.

Disabled/Handicap Parking only – parking in a designated handicapped parking space without a proper and current Division of Motor Vehicles handicapped placard hung in such a manner to be clearly visible through the windshield. (Code of Virginia 46.2-1242. Issuance of disabled parking placards)

Authority and Reference

Code of Virginia as amended, Title 46.2 Motor Vehicles

Section of the VCCS Policy Manual requires colleges to utilize parking as an auxiliary enterprise to collect revenues for the construction, repair and maintenance of college parking facilities, including maintenance, replacement, and repair of outdoor lighting, sidewalks, and other infrastructure facilities.

Reviewed/Revised: 12/2012, 10/2020