Virginia Western Strategic Planning

Explore the strategic planning process at VWCC.

A Welcome from President Sandel

Strategic plans are the foundation of success for an organization, providing alignment of vision, mission, and values to organizational goals and initiatives. Our current strategic plan takes us through December 2021 and our college is preparing to set the course for the next few years.

Success 2021

Success 2021 has guided our college since 2016 and provided direction throughout numerous college, VCCS, and state initiatives. It will continue to provide the foundation for our bridge plan, intended to “bridge” the gap between our current long-term strategic plan and our next 6-year strategic plan.

2022 – 2024 Bridge Plan

Beginning in January 2022, the college will initiate a shorter bridge plan to address our strategic plans and objectives. Carrying us through June 2024, this bridge plan will provide additional time for us to ensure that we are moving our college forward in the best possible direction.

2024 – 2030 Strategic Plan

The development process for our 2024-2030 Strategic Plan will begin shortly after the implementation of our bridge plan in January 2022. Check here for updates once the planning, development, and implementation process is underway.