Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity is a core value at Virginia Western Community College. We are committed to promoting a culture and practice of inclusion and empowerment. Learn more about Diversity & Inclusion at Virginia Western.

Emergency Preparedness

VWCC has developed a comprehensive “all hazards” safety plan. The plan is designed to prepare us for unlikely events such as hostile situations, as well as likely events such as inclement weather (tornado, snowstorm). Learn more about emergency preparedness and crisis management at Virginia Western.

Give to Virginia Western

The Virginia Western Community College Educational Foundation is dedicated to supporting student scholarships, faculty development and capital projects. Thanks to our generous donors and friends, we provide financial assistance that helps make college possible and opens doors for career training. See how you can help here.


Virginia Western Community College is committed to operating the college in a way that responsibly utilizes our natural resources. We encourage our faculty, staff, and students to engage in behavior that supports conservation and sustainability. Learn more about our sustainability efforts here.