VWCC has developed a comprehensive “all hazards” safety plan. The plan is designed to prepare us for unlikely events such as hostile situations, as well as likely events such as inclement weather (tornado, snowstorm).

The Risk Management team at Virginia Western Community College is dedicated to protecting the College’s human, physical and financial assets through:

  • Prevention of adverse incidents through training, education, and inspection.
  • Timely response to incidents and notifications of hazards.
  • Fair and responsible incident reporting and claims administration.
  • Advising of senior management on how to best provide future protection against key risks given the College’s ambitious strategic plans.

We communicate reported information to the necessary College, Local and State agencies to ensure proper recordkeeping, State reporting, and redress of any identified issues. We also maintain a daily focus on employee safety and loss prevention.

The Office of Risk Management is located within the Campus Police Department. If you have questions or concerns about Risk Management related issues please call Craig S. Harris at 540-857-7797.

Student/Visitor Incident Report Form (PDF) – For Faculty & Staff submission only

For Employee Work Related Injury – Workers’ Compensation

Supervisors can play a critical role in preventing expensive accidents and responding when employees are hurt at work. By properly reporting an accident when it occurs and complying with federal and state laws in handling the aftermath, supervisors ensure that employees receive fair treatment and help protect their employers from legal liability. To learn more about supervisor and employee responsibilities and to access associated forms please click here or visit the Human Resources section of VW Connect.