Virginia Western Community College’s Dental Hygiene Clinic provides dental hygiene care to patients at its on-campus site in Roanoke, Virginia. The dental hygiene students offer a variety of oral health services under faculty supervision. Each patient is assured of receiving quality care and the personal attention of the students, faculty and staff.

It is important for you to understand that your care will be provided by dental hygiene students who are directly supervised by licensed dental hygiene faculty. The students’ grades depend on your full cooperation. All patients under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult who is available for the entire appointment in the waiting area.

Infection Control

To promote asepsis and to protect patients, dental hygiene students and faculty follow the current Center for Disease Control Guidelines for Infection Control for Dental Health Care Settings.

Services Disclaimer

  1. The Dental Hygiene Clinic DOES NOT provide a dental exam or diagnosis of restorative needs. Services such as fillings, crowns, root canals, extractions, partials, or dentures are NOT provided in the Dental Hygiene Clinic. A dentist must provide these services.
  2. If a patient has medical or dental conditions that warrant further consultation with their physician/dentist, treatment in the Dental Hygiene Clinic will be delayed until written approval is obtained from the patient’s physician/dentist. Examples of such conditions include: damaged or abnormal heart valves, specific heart conditions, organ replacements, joint replacements, uncontrolled diabetes, kidney dialysis, decreased immune system, elevated blood pressure, active infections of hepatitis or tuberculosis, active herpes infection (cold sores).
  3. Multiple appointments (2-4) and extended appointment lengths (3hours) are required for most patients.

Patient Bill Of Rights

The Virginia Western Community College Dental Hygiene Clinics accept as clinic patients any individual seeking preventive oral health care services, and/or any patient referred by area dentists or dental hygienists, local and regional clinics, local health departments, or other referring agency/individual. The only limiting factors involved in provision of services are the number of students available to provide treatment, and the time within any given semester during which clinical sessions are scheduled. As a patient in any of the Virginia Western Community College Dental Hygiene Clinics:

Your rights as a patient

  • We are not only interested in providing you with the best dental care, but also in recognizing and respecting your dignity as a human being. You may expect to be treated with consideration and respect regardless of your race, creed, national origin, age, disability, or gender.
  • With in its capacity, the clinic will provide diagnostic and treatment services consistent with the urgency of your needs. You will receive appropriate referrals for services beyond the scope of the dental hygiene process of care. You will also be informed of the need for appointments, and availability of appointments. As long as you honor your responsibilities as a patient, we will provide you with continuity and completion of treatment.
  • You are entitled to a clear explanation of your oral health problems, what treatment is recommended, what the alternatives are, what risks are involved, who will provide your care, and approximately how long it may take. You are entitled to complete and current information about your condition.
  • You have the right to participate in decisions about your treatment and to have any questions answered before making a decision. As you plan of care is developed, you will be offered the opportunity to give your informed consent to the treatment planned. You may also refuse treatment and expect to be informed of the possible consequences of your decision.
  • Discussions regarding your care will be done with as much consideration for your privacy as possible. A copy of your treatment records will not be released without your written permission, except as required by law.

Your responsibilities as a patient

  • To be considerate and respectful of other patients, students, faculty, and staff of the clinic.
  • To share honestly and completely information about your medical and oral health history, previous illness, hospitalizations, exposure to communicable diseases, information about medications you are taking, allergies, and your current medical care.
  • To let us know when there are changes in your general health condition, and when you experience unusual discomfort or complications following a treatment procedure. To ask questions so that you can better understand the nature of your dental condition and the treatment provided.
  • To follow instructions you are given, be available for services you need, and keep your scheduled appointments.

Appointments and Scheduling

Treatment at the Dental Hygiene Clinical Facility proceeds more slowly than in a private dental practice because patient care is provided by students and thoroughly monitored by the faculty. Preventive treatment appointments are usually one and a half hours to three hours in length, and many patients need more than one visit for the completion of services. The clinical staff realize that the patient’s time is valuable and strive to keep to a minimum the number of appointments a patient must have.

The Dental Hygiene Clinic is open weekly during the academic year with the exception of holidays and semester breaks. Clinic business hours vary from semester to semester according to program schedules. Call the clinic 540-857-7221

We are unable to provide babysitting services at the school; therefore, it is necessary to have someone care for your child while you are being treated. We thank you for making an appointment with us and look forward to working with you.


Est. Tuition*: $
Credits: 72 Hours
Time: 2 Years

*Estimated cost reflects in-state rate and is subject to change


The cost of attendance is an estimate of the costs a student may have while at Virginia Western.

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 Fralin Center HP339
New Students: Chapman Hall
Fax: 540-857-6640

Mailing address:
School of Health Professions
3091 Colonial Ave., SW
Roanoke, VA 24015


Marlana Thomas
Administrative Officer, Dental Hygiene

B.S. Dental Hygiene – Old Dominion University, 2010
M.S. Education – Old Dominion University, 2011


Martha Sullivan, Dean