Applications for the Fall 2023 Roanoke Class are being accepted now and all application material must be submitted by December 1, 2022. We will also be accepting applications for the 2023 Joint Venture with DCC and all material must be submitted no later than December 1, 2022. All application material is processed by one of the advisors in the Health Professions Advising and Applications Office at VWCC, regardless of which site you will be considered for. A class at Laurel Ridge/Middletown is accepted biennially in even numbered years and at Danville Community College in odd years.

How To Apply

We require all application material(s) be submitted directly to the Health Professions Advising and Applications Office. If you fail to do so, be aware we will not be responsible for any delays in processing your file. Complete the following and submit in one envelope to:

Pam Woody, VWCC – Health Professions
3091 Colonial Ave.
Roanoke, VA 24015

A meeting with one of the advisors is not required. If you have questions, it is suggested that any meeting not be conducted until after all transcripts have been submitted to and reviewed by one of the HP advisors. You may contact the Health Professions team of advisors at You should follow the steps below.

1. Apply to VWCC.

If you are not a current VWCC student, apply to the college by completing a VWCC college application. Please make sure you indicate your plan of study as Career Studies Certificate: Introduction to Dental Hygiene (curricular/credit classes) on the college application. (Anyone asking for either Laurel Ridge or DCC consideration must also complete their college’s application prior to December 1st, please contact their Admissions Office or visit their website for guidance.)

All NEW students intending to enroll in classes at Virginia Western are encouraged to consider contacting the Enrollment Center staff in Chapman Hall, if they have basic questions about direct enrollment, course requirements, financial aid, etc. You may need an appointment to visit the Enrollment Center and it’s a great way to learn more about what the college offers and available resources. They will refer you to a New Student Advisor (sometimes an appointment is needed and sometimes they operate on a walk-in basis), if needed, or to one of the the pre-admission advisors for Dental Hygiene, when necessary. Find out about New Student Advising here.

Note: If you already attend a Virginia community college, you most likely have either completed the Direct Enrollment process regarding Math and English or completed the required courses necessary to begin courses. If you attend another college or university (non-VCCS), the official transcripts you provide will be evaluated to see if preparatory coursework is necessary. Again, the advisor will state in the advising form letter if you need to take preparatory coursework to prepare for necessary courses for DNH or any of the prerequisites required for Dental Hygiene. Applicants who need to begin prerequisite courses at Virginia Western (home college) should make it a priority to take those courses as soon as possible after applying to the college.

In addition, if you direct place out of any needed math courses, you will need to plan to complete the math skills check that will be included on the checklist for application in the summer to verify your math skills are appropriate for the math skills necessary in the DNH program.

2. Apply to the Dental Hygiene Program.

Apply to the Dental Hygiene Program by completing a 2023 Dental Hygiene Application Form.

3. Obtain and submit your transcripts.

You’ll need to have all official sealed transcripts (high school and college) and a copy of your GED scores (if applicable) to submit in your application packet. We strongly suggest applicants request transcripts be sent to the applicant’s mailing address, so you are fully aware of whether your request is filled and all material can be placed by you in one larger envelope for submission. Remember, do not open any envelope which contains a transcript, they are no longer “official” to us if they’ve been opened. Official electronic transcripts are acceptable, ie. Parchment, Scribbles, National Clearinghouse. Please direct those electronic transcripts to Transcripts must be received by Miss Woody or the Health Professions Advising and Applications Office by December 1.

If any school refuses to issue “official” transcripts directly to you, please request they be sent addressed directly to Pam Woody at the address above. It’s not necessary to request transcripts from VWCC or any other community college in Virginia. Transcripts must include Continuing Education courses. High school transcripts are required even if you are a college graduate. GED holders must also submit official high school transcripts if you completed at least through the 9th grade. If you were home-schooled, a detailed academic curriculum report (course listing and grades achieved) showing completion and signed by the school administrator is required (including a statement indicating if a lab component was completed for Biology and Chemistry).

Transcript Request Form (PDF)

4. Submit your application materials.

We prefer that you mail your application packet to Miss Woody at the address above. Material being hand-delivered to campus should be brought to the 3rd floor of the Fralin Center, Room HP339. The Health Professions Advising and Applications Office is usually accessible from 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM. If the office is closed, please slide the materials under the door of Fralin 339. The Dental Hygiene advising form letter is scanned to your school email account or to the email provided on the DNH application, after your complete academic file is reviewed by one of the Health Professions Advisors (Woody or Levisy) (usually within 3-4 weeks if received from June – October). It is the applicant’s responsibility to request their own transcripts and pay any required fees. Faxed transcripts are not considered “official” for application. You can review the Dental Hygiene Overview (PDF) to learn more about the application process and eligibility. (Usually updated in June.)

Note:  Applicants should remember to update the Health Professions Advising and Applications Office ( with any changes to their mailing address throughout the process.  We use the Dental Hygiene application form address and email address until we receive notification directly from the applicant to change it in their application file.  We do not receive notification about address changes from the college SIS student account information.  All future contact from the advising office regarding the application and TEAS, will be sent (via email) to the last email address given to us directly from the applicant.

5. Review the Dental Hygiene Checklist

Details about other steps taken after the deadline, including the TEAS and Observation, are discussed in the Dental Hygiene Checklist below.

Dental Hygiene Checklist (PDF).

The pre-advisor will be in contact by email notification, once an applicant has supplied all their official transcripts from all colleges attempted. The Health Professions Advisors do not have any input in the final admission decisions for a program, so face-to-face contact with any Health Professions advisor is not a requirement.

Apply Early

By applying early to VWCC and submitting your high school/GED records and all college transcripts, the Health Professions Advising Team will be able to provide answers to many of your questions and help guide you in making decisions for this restricted program. Advisors will notify you of any prerequisite requirements you have not met and provide advising on how to meet those requirements, as well as selecting courses that can be utilized to increase your cumulative GPA by the end of the Fall semester. Current enrollment in missing prerequisites is not required to apply early, but they must all be completed by the end of Spring 2023 to be considered for Roanoke or DCC for Fall 2023 (exception: BIO 142 can be completed in the summer prior to fall admission).


Est. Tuition*: $
Credits: 72 Hours
Time: 2 Years

*Estimated cost reflects in-state rate and is subject to change

 Fralin Center HP339
New Students: Chapman Hall
Fax: 540-857-6640

Mailing address:
School of Health Professions
3091 Colonial Ave., SW
Roanoke, VA 24015


Marlana Thomas
Administrative Officer, Dental Hygiene

B.S. Dental Hygiene – Old Dominion University, 2010
M.S. Education – Old Dominion University, 2011


Martha Sullivan, Dean