The VWCC School of Health Professions offers a career studies certificate for this 16 credit curriculum, which must be completed in one semester.

How to Enroll in Phlebotomy Courses

If you are not currently a student at VWCC, a college application (completed on-line) is required and a new student advisor can assist you in determining the necessary steps to being college courses at VWCC. Please select “Career Studies Certificate: Phlebotomy” as your program plan of study.

If you are a current student, please continue to read this page for instructions on registering for the phlebotomy courses.

Preadmission Requirements

The following requirements must be met to apply for admission into the Phlebotomy – Career Studies Certificate program:

  • Eighteen years of age or older
  • Completed VWCC college application on file
  • Can satisfactorily complete the Essential Functions of the program

The following requirements must be met to begin the clinical portion of the program (the last half of the semester).

  • Students will be required to have a criminal background check and drug screen performed before attending clinical rotations. The background check and drug screen must be negative in order to attend clinical rotations and proceed in the program. Students are responsible for the cost. (Note if a student is on Financial Aid with the college, FA will not cover this cost.  Student should be prepared to cover this cost out-of-pocket, approximately $110.00.)
  • Immunizations, including Hepatitis B and a current TST (tuberculin skin test). The student is responsible for the cost and verification. (Note: if a student is on Financial Aid with the college, FA will not cover this cost.  Student should be prepared to cover this cost out-of-pocket.)

Enrollment is restricted and limited to 14 students.

Important Info About Courses in This Program

Classes in this program must be completed in one semester and include:

  • HIM 111 – Medical Terminology (3 credits)
  • HLT 145 – Ethics for Healthcare (2 credits)
  • MDL 105 – Phlebotomy (3 credits)
  • MDL 106 – Clinical Phlebotomy (4 credits)
  • MDL 190 – Clinical Internship (3 credits)
  • HLT 105 – AHA CPR BLS Adult, Child, Infant with AED Training (1 credit)

The following notes will be included with your courses when you register:

  • MDL 105, 106 & 190 are a learning community and must be registered for and completed together.
  • HIM 111 & HLT 145 will also need to be completed within the same semester if you do not have credit for either HLT 143 or PHI 220.
  • You must be certified in AHA CPR with Adult, Child, and Infant with AED and card must remain valid during the entire semester. If lacking, please plan to enroll in a HLT 105 that meets prior to the second 8 weeks of the semester or 5 weeks for the summer semester.
  • You must be 18 years of age to be in the program.
  • Enrollment is restricted to 14 students for this program due to the limited amount of space/time the lab affiliates have available. However, if the program has fewer students it may be cancelled for low enrollment.
  • Students must be able to commit to at least 2-3 clinical days at the lab (unpaid) during the second 8 weeks of the semester. Days are assigned by clinical affiliates based on the availability of supervisory staff.
  • Students must provide their own transportation to clinical sites. Some sites are outside the Roanoke area (e.g. Lexington, Rocky Mount, Blacksburg, Pulaski, Christiansburg). Expenses are the student’s responsibility. A student may be unable to share a ride with another student, as some sites have only 1 assigned student.
  • A criminal background check and drug screen (at student’s expense) will be required as clinical affiliates mandate this requirements in affiliation agreements.

If you are a current student and need assistance with registering for courses, click here for instructions on enrolling in a course. If you need additional assistance, contact the Enrollment Center at

Additional Enrollment Information

Please note: Due to limited  available clinical spaces, there will be a limit of 14 students in the program for each semester.  When registration for the next semester occurs, you can enroll in the Phlebotomy courses at that time (following the guidelines listed above).  Payment for the registered courses must occur prior to the posted payment deadlines.  If you are dropped for non-payment and there are people on the wait list, those wait-list people will be given the first opportunity to enroll in the classes at that time.  It is important to note that the classes do fill quickly and enrollment in the courses is suggested as quickly as possible when course registration occurs.  If the courses are full, you are encouraged to reach out to an Advisor (New Student Advisor or for assistance in placing your name on the wait-list for the phlebotomy courses.  Also, if you register for the courses and then are unable to maintain the seat or your career path changes, please drop yourself from the phlebotomy courses, so that another student can take the open class position and become a part of the Health Care Team. 


Est. Tuition*: $
Credits: 16 Hours
Time: 1 semester

*Estimated cost reflects in-state rate and is subject to change


The cost of attendance is an estimate of the costs a student may have while at Virginia Western.

Click here for the cost of attendance for financial aid.

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Jeffrey S. Gillette
Professor, Medical Lab Technology

A.A.S. – Monroe Community College, 1985
B.S. – Daemen College, 1987
M.S. – University of Rochester, 1993
Ph.D. – N.C. State University, 2000


Martha Sullivan, Dean