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What happens if I withdraw from a course? What if I fail a course?

If you withdraw from a course the DVA may require you to repay the money for this course retroactive to the first day of class unless you withdrew due to reasons beyond your control. If the DVA accepts your reason for withdrawing as being beyond your control you will be paid through the last day of attendance. If this is the first instance that you withdrew, the DVA may consider that mitigating circumstances exist without explanation from you for withdrawing from a course or courses totaling not more than 6 semester hours.

Note: You must report any changes in your class schedule to your VA certifying official in order to avoid overpayment of your educational benefits.

In accordance with new guidelines set forth in the updated DoD Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) regarding Tuition Assistance (TA), effective September 5, 2014, if you withdraw from any course that has been paid for with TA, VWCC is required to return any unearned portion of the TA to the DoD. The college will determine the amount of TA that is earned based on the number of days you remained enrolled in each course, and return any monies above that amount. This will result in a debt to the college that you will be responsible for paying before you will be able to receive any additional services from the school. Keep in mind that this debt will be in addition to the debt you will have with the DoD for the same course.

If you fail a course and the course is required for graduation, the VA will pay you to repeat it. They will not recover the money that they already paid you for the course you failed provided you maintain satisfactory academic progress as measured by your cumulative grade point average and the number of credits that you have attempted. If your progress becomes unsatisfactory, your benefits will be suspended until you regain satisfactory progress for your degree program.

Can I enroll in any courses that I want?

Once you select a degree program and are placed into that program, you will be guided in your course selection by the requirements for graduation for that specific degree in the college catalog. It is important that you have your prior credits evaluated early so that you do not register for a course that you have already completed. The DVA will not pay for a course for which you have already received benefits. They will also not pay for a course that cannot be used in your degree program. You can enroll in any additional classes you choose; however, those courses will not count toward your enrollment status/pay rate.

Can I change my degree program?

Yes. The DVA allows you to make a change of curriculum. You will need to select a new program of study, have all your previous credits evaluated and complete a VA Form 22-1995 (Request for Change of Program or Place of Training). Dependents must complete a Form 22-5495 if they change programs.

The Guard pays my tuition and books. What do I need to do to get that?

The Cashier’s Office handles state and federal tuition assistance. To start the process, you need to contact your unit’s education officer. Once you have completed the paperwork they require, be sure to check with the cashiers to be sure they have received the contract from your unit.

How do I report tuition and fees for my TA approval?

TA will only pay the tuition portion of your charges. All fees are the student’s responsibility. For the Fall 2020 semester, tuition should be reported as $156.00 per credit (in-state) or $332.60 (out-of-state). Fees should be reported as $14.09 per credit (in-state) or $37.59 per credit (out-of-state). Depending on your TA application/branch of service, you may have to manually calculate these amounts on the application. Please contact the Military Student Center with any questions or to request required documentation of your charges.

A full breakdown of all tuition and fees can be found here. (PDF)

Can I get both TA and the GI Bill?

Yes. You can collect state TA and still receive your GI Bill. However, you cannot receive both federal TA and the Reserve GI Bills for the same class. If you are eligible for Ch 33 benefits, you can receive those benefits along with federal TA. Contact your unit’s education officer for information on what will be the best benefit for you.

Can I receive financial aid at the same time?

Yes. We strongly encourage all students to apply for financial aid, even when receiving veterans’ benefits. If you qualify, you can receive both. It’s not “double dipping.”

Note: Because of certain laws regarding the programs, Post-9/11 GI Bill recipients and students attending under Voc. Rehab may not qualify for state grants to attend VWCC. You can, however, receive federal grants (Pell) and loans.

I’ve heard I can get free tuition since my parent/spouse is deceased/disabled. How do I do that?

The VMSDEP program replaced the old War Orphans program. To qualify the student’s parent or spouse must be rated at leas 90% disabled due to military service. Additional requirements, such as Virginia residency, may apply. For more information, and to submit an on-line application, please go to

What benefits do I get under VMSDEP?

Tier 1 of VMSDEP provides a waiver of tuition at a Virginia public college.

Tier 2 of VMSDEP provides a waiver of tuition at a Virginia public college AND an additional stipend (contingent on funding).

I get Voc. Rehab. What do I have to do?

You still need to complete the Certification Request for VA Educational Benefits each semester. Your Voc Rehab counselor will send an authorization form to the VA certifying official for your tuition and books. The certifying official will then verify you are in the correct classes, complete the paperwork, and return it to your Voc Rehab counselor.

How do I get my books and supplies under Voc. Rehab?

The VA certifying official will send a copy of the completed paperwork to the bookstore, and they will set up your charge account for those items. You will simply need to tell them you have VA money and they will allow you to purchase what you need.

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