‘Hungry to Learn’ documentary about college student food insecurity now streaming for free

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Title Screen: Hungry to Learn

If you’re anything like me, then you have been streaming *a lot* of TV during this pandemic.

I just finished “The Witcher” on Netflix, and whew … it rocked my world. Left me in angry tears.

A more serious documentary called “Hungry to Learn” also left me in a puddle when I first watched it in April.

This is an excellent project by executive producer Soledad O’Brien. The film takes the depressing stats — 45% of college students struggle with hunger — and brings the crisis to life through the stories of four students. 

The documentary prominently features Sara Goldrick-Rab, the Temple University professor who founded the Hope Center for College, Community and Justice. 

You may remember Sara Goldrick-Rab’s name from our “Superheroes, Assemble!” resource roundup during January 2020 in-service, where I talked about her 2016 book, “Paying the Price: College Costs, Financial Aid, and the Betrayal of the American Dream.”

I also suggested adding her basic needs security statement to class syllabi. 

When Virginia Western realized 17% of CCAP’s incoming class admitted to food insecurity in a student poll, our superhero colleagues in the Educational Foundation and Student Services scrambled to establish our student food co-op.

And that was *before* the pandemic.

The VCCS and Virginia Western will continue to address this issue. In fact, our students are now being asked to participate in a #RealCollege survey conducted by the Hope Center.

I’m also thrilled to share “Hungry to Learn” is now streaming FREE OF CHARGE.

It’s about two hours long.

And a couple of tips: Switch to the high-quality HD version by clicking on the “VQ” in the bottom right corner of the video player.

See if you recognize some of our VCCS colleagues just before the 54-minute mark. 

Watch the full “Hungry to Learn” documentary here:  


— Stephanie Ogilvie Seagle, September 2020

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