Based on the articulation agreement between the Virginia Community College System and the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services, students who have satisfactorily documented successful completion of the VA State Police Academy or a regional and independent certified training academy may be awarded the following credit. Appropriate documentation is required and must be submitted to the Administration of Justice program head or the Dean of the School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. Credit for the courses listed below is not transferable to four-year colleges or universities.

Entry Level Law Enforcement Training

SubjectCourse TitleCredits
ADJ 110Introduction to Law Enforcement3 credits
ADJ 115Patrol Operations3 credits
ADJ 229Law Enforcement and the Community3 credits
ADJ 236Criminal Investigation3 credits
HLT 110Concepts of Personal and Community Health3 credits

Entry Level Jailor/Court Services

SubjectCourse TitleCredits
ADJ 140Introduction to Corrections3 credits
ADJ 146Adult Correctional Institutions3 credits

General Instructor Development

SubjectCourse TitleCredits
CST 100Principles of Public Speaking3 credits

Leadership Development

SubjectCourse TitleCredits
ADJ 195Leadership Topics in Administration of Justice3 credits
ADJ 295Police Administration3 credits