College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

CLEP is a national program of credit-by-examination that offers students the opportunity to obtain college credit for prior academic achievement. Virginia Western accepts most of the CLEP offered exams and uses the American Council on Education recommended minimum score of 50 for most tests when awarding CLEP credit. For higher level courses, the minimum score may be higher and will be noted. An official CLEP transcript is required for the award of credit.

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Virginia Western Community College currently recognizes the following CLEP exams and equivalent course credit:

Composition and Literature

American LiteratureENG 241-2426
College Composition **ENG 111-1126
English LiteratureENG 243-2446
HumanitiesHUM 201-2026

**College Composition is the appropriate CLEP exam for AA, AS, and AAS degrees. Virginia Western does not accept the College Composition – Modular or the older English Composition CLEP exam.

Science and Mathematics

BiologyBIO 101-1028
CalculusMTH 261-2626
ChemistryCHM 111-1128
Pre-Calculus with TrigonometryMTH 1675

Foreign Languages

French, Level 1FRE 101-1028
French, Level 2 – Minimum score of 60 requiredFRE 101-102
FRE 201-202
German, Level 1GER 101-1028
German, Level 2 – Minimum score of 60 requiredGER 101-102
GER 201-202
Spanish, Level 1SPA 101-1028
Spanish, Level 2 – Minimum score of 60 requiredSPA 101-102
SPA 201-202

History and Social Science

American GovernmentPLS 2113
History of the US I, Colonization to 1877HIS 1213
History of the US II, 1865 to the PresentHIS 1223
Human Growth and DevelopmentPSY 2353
Macroeconomics, Principles ofECO 2013
Microeconomics, Principles ofECO 2023
Psychology, Intro toPSY 2003
Sociology, Intro toSOC 2003
Western Civilization I, up to 1648HIS 1013
Western Civilization II, 1648 to PresentHIS 1023


Business Law, Introduction toBUS 2413
Information SystemsITE 1153
Financial AccountingACC 211-2128
Management, Principles ofBUS 2003
Marketing, Principles ofMKT 1003

Assessment by Local Exam (Challenge)

In disciplines where no CLEP or AP exam is accepted by Virginia Western, locally developed department “challenge” exams may be a means of earning college credit for prior learning by demonstrating satisfactory academic competency in a particular subject.

In order to be eligible for credit-by-exam, the student must be admitted to the college in a program of study, and the request must be made with at least two weeks’ prior notice of the requested exam date. Credit-by-Exam is not available for all courses taught at the college. Requests for department exams must be submitted to the appropriate academic office.

Each departmental exam may be taken only one time for a course, and the student must attain a grade of “C” or higher in order to receive credit for the examination. An exam may not be used to remove grades of “I”, “F”, “X”, or “W”, or to improve a grade already earned. In addition, a student may not challenge a lower level course in a subject which he/she has previously earned credit. Credits awarded by challenge examination may apply toward graduation requirements and will become part of the student’s permanent record. However, the grade earned on the exam will not be calculated into the student’s cumulative GPA. The grade earned on a department exam will be recorded on the student’s official transcript. There is no charge for the Challenge exams or for having credit recorded on the student’s permanent record.

International Baccalaureate (IB)

Students who have completed an IB exam with a score of 5 to 7 may be granted Prior Learning credit for a variety of courses. Students requesting IB credit must have an official transcript sent from the IB organization to the Virginia Western Records Office in order to be considered for credit. For detailed information, please contact the IB organization at:
7501 Wisconsin Avenue,
Suite 200 West
Bethesda, MD 20814
Phone: 301-202-3000
Fax: 301-202-3003

Subject ExamScore of 5Score of 6 or 7
Art DesignART 131ART 131-132
BiologyBIO 101BIO 101-102
Business and ManagementBUS 200BUS 200 and 202
ChemistryCHM 111CHM 111-112
Computing StudiesCSC 201CSC 201-202
EconomicsECO 202ECO 201-202
English A1ENG 111ENG 111-112
English BENG 111ENG 111
French A1 or BFRE 101-102FRE 201-202
GeographyGEO 210GEO 200 and 210
German A1 or BGER 101-102GER 201-202
HistoryHIS 101HIS 101-102
History of the AmericasHIS 121HIS 121-122
History of EuropeHIS 225HIS 225-226
Mathematics SL (Standard Level)MTH 161MTH 161 and 261
Mathematical StudiesMTH 154MTH 154
MusicMUS 121MUS 121-122
PhilosophyPHI 101PHI 101-102
PhysicsPHY 201PSY 201-202
PsychologyPSY 200PSY 200 and 230
Social AnthropologySOC 211SOC 211-212
Spanish A1 or BSPA 101-102SPA 201-202
Theater SL and HLCST 130CST 130
Visual ArtsART 101ART 101-102