Associate of Applied Science (Health Professions)

Estimated Cost

This is provided as an estimate of some expenses that will be incurred by students upon entering and during the program. They are subject to change. Students are responsible for choosing the provider of their medical care and expenses vary accordingly. Students are responsible for their own transportation to facilities utilized for clinical experiences. VWCC does not offer student housing. The college does not guarantee job placement upon completion of the program.

Tuition is estimated in the table below based off the following criteria. For more accurate information please visit the tuition rates and fees site.

(Tuition rates below are as of Fall 2021 and subject to change.)

Estimated In-State Tuition: $170.09 per credit hour 
Estimated Out-Of-State Tuition: $376.09 per credit hour

ItemPre-RequisitesFirst YearSecond YearTotal
Tuition (In-State) 65 credits$1,020.54$5,442.88$4,592.43$11,055.85
Textbooks (SUR courses only)500.00300.00800.00
Hepatitis B series; Tuberculin Skin Text (or chest x-ray); CPR200.00200.00400.00
Background Check/Urine-Drug Screening150.00100.00250.00
AST Certification study guide,
AST student membership,
CST national certification exam and PIN
(AKA AST Gold Package)
Trajecsys Clinical Tracking100.00100.00
Practice Exam50.0050.00

NOTE: Actual tuition is on a semester by semester basis according to credit hours enrolled in. The estimated tuition is based on a total of 65 credits in the curriculum (including 5 prerequisite credits). It does not include any additional costs associated with completing developmental prerequisites (e.g. MTE 1 – 9 or NAS 2). The VWCC Surgical Technology Program is a restricted admission program.


Est. Tuition*: $
Credits: 68 Hours
Time: 2 Years

*Estimated cost reflects in-state rate and is subject to change

 Fralin Center HP339
New Students: Chapman Hall
Fax: 540-857-6640

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School of Health Professions
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Martha Sullivan, Dean