Colors & Fonts

Graphic Standards

In order to present a unified voice and message to the greater Virginia Western community, it is imperative that all external communications adhere to the same branding guidelines. The color palette and fonts outlined on this page should be used for any and all communications, whether it’s on campus or off, no matter who the audience may be. Thank you for helping us represent Virginia Western as the institution of quality and professionalism we all know it to be. If you have any questions, please reach out to or complete the Marketing Request Form.


The following colors comprise the current graphic standards for Virginia Western and override any previously published graphic standards. All communications, both internal and external, should adhere to the color palette below. If you have any questions, please reach out to or complete the Marketing Request Form.

Dark Blue

Primary Color

RGB: 24,40,74
CMYK: 98,86,42,42
HEX: #18284a

Light Blue

Supporting Primary

RGB: 0,135,205
CMYK: 100,32,0,0
HEX: #0087cd


Supporting Primary

RGB: 255,197,21
CMYK: 0,24,98,0
HEX: #ffc515

Warm Dark Gray

Secondary/Background Color

RGB: 46,46,46
CMYK: 70,64,63,63
HEX: #2e2e2e

Light Gray

Secondary/Background Color

RGB: 160,160,160
CMYK: 40,32,32,0
HEX: #a0a0a0


The official type family aside from the typeface used for the Virginia Western logo is Open Sans. This “font” should already be installed on your work computer, but it is available for download for free from Google Fonts at this link. This type family should be used for titles, headings, footers and as often as possible, body copy for all internal and external communications.

The “font” used for the Virginia Western logo should not be used anywhere other than the Virginia Western logo.