Curriculum Advisory Committees (CAC) act in an advisory capacity to the college regarding instructional programs in specific occupational and technical areas. CACs consist of community members: in particular, experienced professional and para-professional individuals familiar with the occupational area in Virginia Western Community College’s service region.


Local curriculum advisory committees act in an advisory capacity to the community college. Within the area of its educational, occupational/ technical interest and specialty, the committee may:

  1. Assist the community college in the establishment of occupational/technical programs and curricula.
    • Helping to identify present and future occupational needs within the college region and the skills and knowledge required for prospective employees;
    • Advising the community college concerning employment practices, specific certification and licensure requirements; industry recognized credentials; job entry educational levels required by business, industry and the professions; standards and regulations relating to student employment; and occupational placement of graduates; and
    • Reviewing and submitting recommendations regarding specific program and curricular proposals and specialized equipment and facility requirements for new or innovative programs.
  2. Assist with the recruitment of students by:
    • Publicizing the college programs and employment opportunities, and
    • Encouraging student scholarships and other financial aids.
  3. Promote understanding and support of the community college and its programs by:
    • Assisting with the establishment and maintenance of liaison between the community college and regional business, industrial, professional and other organizations and agencies, and
    • Disseminating information about the college and its programs through the college’s business and professional publications.
  4. Assist the community college in conducting regional studies or surveys.
  5. Participate in the evaluation of community college programs as they relate to the educational and occupational needs of the region.

College Mission, Vision, Core Values & Institutional Goals


Curriculum Advisory Committee members are officially appointed by the Virginia Western Community College Board upon recommendation of the President. The members are selected from lists of nominees that are recommended to the Vice President of Academic & Student Affairs by the School Deans who have supervisory responsibility over the college’s occupational and technical programs. Curriculum Advisory Committee members serve three-year appointments, which begin in January and end in December.

Local Advisory Committees (Section 5.2.4 VCCS Policy Manual)
Local advisory committees must be consulted for the establishment and review of all career/technical degree and stand-alone certificate programs. These committees shall be appointed by the community college president with the approval of the local college board.

Local Advisory Committees for Specialized Programs (Section 2A IX.E. VCCS Policy Manual)
Local advisory committees for specialized programs and occupational/technical curricula shall be utilized in the establishment and evaluation of such programs and curricula.

Staff Support

School Deans will appoint a recording secretary and any other personnel from the college staff who are needed to support the work of the Curriculum Advisory Committees. Minutes for each meeting will be kept and a copy will be filed in the office of the Vice President of Academic & Student Affairs within ten working days after the meeting.