Faculty & Staff Email

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IET provides and supports Microsoft Office 365/Outlook email for faculty and staff. In addition to email, Microsoft Office 365/Outlook offers calendaring, personal contacts, a global address book, shared calendaring, and tasks.

With Microsoft Office 365 webmail, you can use a web browser to access your mailbox from any computer with an Internet connection.

Your username and password for your email is the same as your VWCC network username (vwlastf) and password. Outlook is provided to all employees that do not share a VWCC workstation.

Information about d-lists and shared email accounts can be found here.

Outlook Help

Office 365 (Webmail) Help

In addition to the site below, you can click the question mark in the upper right corner of your webmail to search Office 365 help topics.

Barracuda Archive Tools

Searching for Emails Using Barracuda Archive Tools

Spam Protection

IET monitors and attempts to manage the amount of spam or junk email received by our users.

There is also an individual filter that works based on your preferences. Emails are quarantined (or held in a queue) if they are suspected to be spam. You will periodically receive an email if you have quarantined messages, allowing you to decide what you wish to classify as junk and what you wish to receive.

VWCC is now using the Microsoft e-mail filter for Spam protection. For more information, please visit this link.