Hello, and welcome to the second installment of the Grantology Blog! The first installment offers a quick overview of the desire to assist in learning and celebrating the world of grants together. If you missed it, please check it out, as the first installment refers to the required teamwork that goes into successful grant writing… Continue Reading How to tackle grant season?
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Hello, and welcome to the first installment of the Grantology Blog! Here we will seek to dig into all things grants, what grants are and are not, how a grant is crafted, how it is implemented, and how it can be celebrated. Thus the name “Grant” “ology”, a subject of study; a branch of knowledge.… Continue Reading Welcome to Grantology
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About Shelley

Shelley Lyons - Administrative Officer for Grants AdministrationShelley Lyons is glad to be back on campus as she is a Virginia Western alum, and has served as the Administrative Officer for Grants Administration at Virginia Western since early 2022. Prior to VWCC, her career focus was within the Human Services and Arts fields.  She wrote her first grant in 1996 on a whim and has continued to plan and learn since that time.  She most enjoys  seeing a well-planned project come to fruition, where funder, project manager and beneficiaries can all feel success and see impact.