Thank you, Team IET!

Last week, I shared some of the Virginia Western ingenuity and teamwork that we’ve witnessed during the pandemic.

I continue to welcome more of your emails!

Pam Woody, an advisor in the School of Health Professions, shared the following:

“I would like to recognize everyone on the Help Desk team — especially during the last two weeks where we were allowed to be on campus. They took time with each person checking their laptops to make sure all was installed correctly and ready to go from home. They all have extreme patience and the grace not to become frustrated as their work load increased greatly prior to March 20 and had to work with so many people in a short amount of time. They are a great team and all members work well together and are ready to pitch in where ever needed — great teamwork!”

When I shared Pam’s message with Shivaji Samanta, Director of Information and Educational Technologies (IET), he added:

“Glad to hear that the Help Desk is stepping up to the challenges of the new reality we are in now. I do have one comment to add to that. The Help Desk staff are in the forefront as the ‘face of IET’ and I’m proud of the great job they’re doing supporting VWCC faculty, students and staff. We have to remember, however, that there are many others working in the background to make it all work. I am referring to all the IET staff who are still coming in daily (in rotation) to manage and configure the IT infrastructure on site to ensure it stays operational. In addition, we have programming staff working from home who keep the SIS, procurement and other enterprise systems running. It is a team effort that keeps everything going.”

So thanks to the entire IET team for keeping us all connected!

If you would like to publicly recognize someone at the college, please email (I will ask the person before sharing!).

And Lindsey Weston urges us to continue to send “You Make A Difference” shout-outs by email to Human Resources ( The drawings will continue.

Stephanie Ogilvie Seagle, April 2020

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