FPD manages the established campus décor and assures compliance with fire codes, building codes, and the ADA.

Furniture, Carpet, Marker/Tack Boards and Displays

FPD will assist departments in providing approved specifications, color selections, procurement sources, and décor to ensure quality, durability and coordination with space use. These items require evaluation for compliance with ADA, VUSBC Code and VWCC standards. Afterwards, the budgeting and procurement of these items are the responsibility of individual departments and must be bought on existing state contracts. Furniture should be priced prewired for electrical, using approved fabrics and colors and include delivery/assembly/installation by supplier. Expect 30 days to prepare the order and 90 days from date of order to furniture delivery.


Faculty and staff moves requiring furniture reconfiguration or relocation must be approved by the Division Dean and scheduled with the Department of Planning a minimum of two weeks in advance. If more than 2 or 3 staff are involved, additional notice is needed for planning. Furniture moves require compliance with ADA, code occupancy requirements and compatibility with building systems.


Requests for projects requiring construction or renovations should be submitted as part of the annual budget process. The proposals scope of work, schedule and estimated cost should be developed with FPD. Proposals must be approved by the Department Head or Division Dean for consideration of administration. Cost, availability of funds, college priorities and goals will determine whether such projects are undertaken.


FPD maintains indoor and outdoor signs.