Adjunct Offices

Locations of adjunct offices depend on your school. Faculty will be provided with a key to access the offices. Each office is equipped with a workstation, computer, and printer. Please ensure the office door is closed and locked when you leave.

Each department within the STEM division has a designated office for adjunct faculty.

Business Science Building (IT Faculty)

  • Room M311

Fralin Center (Science faculty)

  • Room HP413

STEM Building

  • Chemistry: Room ST309A
  • Developmental Math: ST409C
  • Engineering/Engineering Tech: Room ST209H
  • Mathematics: Room ST309J
  • Physics: Room ST209H

Adjunct Orientation

The adjunct orientation for STEM is being updated.

Campus Mail

In addition to mail, these mailboxes are used to distribute student assignments, college information, and important administrative paperwork. You will be sent an email notification any time documents of a time sensitive nature are placed in your mailbox. It is recommended you check your mailbox at least once a week.

You will be issued a campus mailbox. Locations are:

  • Business Science offices: mailbox in Webber W305
  • Fralin offices: mailbox in Fralin HP214
  • STEM offices: mailbox in STEM ST109A

Faculty Schedules

Please provide your school office a copy of your schedule. This schedule should include your office hours and class schedule as well as contact information that can be released to students.

Full-time faculty should complete their schedule in Outlook and share the calendar with the Dean and office staff. Faculty must also post a copy of their semester schedule outside of their office door.

Adjunct faculty must forward a copy of their semester schedule to the office by the end of the first week of classes.

template (XLS) has been created to assist you with establishing your schedule.

Office & Classroom Keys

Each full-time faculty office has a unique key. Adjunct faculty offices use the same key as the school’s mailroom.

Faculty will be issued a classroom key, lab key (if applicable), and an office key.

It is your responsibility to keep up with these keys and to return keys when you will no longer teach. You may be charged for replacement keys in the event your keys are misplaced. Please keep your office door locked when you are not using it.

Office Supplies

Supplies (such as pens, pencils, legal pads, files, etc.) are available in two locations: in the HP mailroom (HP214B) behind the door labeled for Science faculty and in the STEM mailroom (ST109A). Whiteboard markers are available in the division office. Please use all supplies wisely and reuse and recycle when you can. If you have any supplies that you are no longer using, please bring them to the division office so that they can be stored for later use.

Printing & Copying

Printing Services is available for duplication of your class handouts, tests, exams, etc., and you are encouraged to utilize this service rather than using the copiers located in the office or adjunct faculty offices. Please allow two to three days turnaround time for print jobs. For more information and to fill out the request form, please visit the Printing Services website.

Local Printing

Scanning and limited copying are also available. You have access to at least one of the machines listed below:

  • Fralin: HP314A
  • STEM: ST209, ST309, ST409