Deadlines for these rosters are extremely important. Please help your School’s staff by turning these in on time.

Class Rosters

You can access your class rosters through PeopleSoft (see instructions in MyVWCC Help). Please check your class roster regularly. You should check them before each class during the drop/add period as your roster will change during that time. You should check it every week or two during the rest of the semester, specifically looking for students who are either mysteriously dropped from or added to your class. If you find such a situation, call, or have the student call, the Enrollment Center immediately. It is very important that these situations be resolved prior to grade rosters being generated toward the end of the semester.

No-Show Roster

The no-show rosters are done in IIWS and are used to report any student that has never attended an in-class class or has never made contact with a distance learning faculty member. If they attended at least one class or contacted a distance faculty member do not report them, even if you have not heard from them since then. This roster is driven by the financial aid process. Failure to comply could put the college’s ability to give federal financial aid in jeopardy, making this an important process.

When students are dropped, they will not receive a refund of their tuition, they will not be reinstated, and they will not receive financial aid for the class.

Grade Rosters

Grade rosters are done through PeopleSoft (see instructions in MyVWCC Help). The due date for these is firm. Please have these in by the due date at 9:30 AM. The academic school office will call those who have not turned in their grades on time. The Records Office posts grades for the college at one time. Any late grades should be entered through MyVWCC, then notify the academic school office and the Records Office who will complete the grade entry.

After entering a grade of F, U, or R in the Roster Grade field, the Last Date of Attendance field will appear. Click in the Last Date of Attendance field and enter the correct date as indicated below:

Students who stopped attending/participating in the course prior to the course end date

Preferred! Enter the Actual Last Date of Attendance (student stopped attending/participating in the course and the last date of attendance is known) – In this case the faculty member knows when the student stopped attending/participating in the course. The student’s actual last date of attendance should be entered.
Enter 01/01/1900 (unknown Last Date of Attendance/student stopped attending/participating in course)–In this case, the faculty member does not know when the student stopped attending/participating. The placeholder date of 01/01/1900 indicates that the last date of attendance/participation is unknown. Using this date equates to the faculty member not knowing when the student stopped attending/participating in the class.

Students who attended/participated/completed the entire course and failed to satisfactorily complete the course requirements earning a grade of F, U, or R

Enter the last date of the semester/class end date (not last day the class actually met). For regular session classes the end date of the semester must be entered in the Last Date of Attendance field. For 5W1 and 5W2, use the end date of that session. Please refer to the Academic Calendar. The start and end dates for the class appear in the group box located at the top of the self-service grade roster.