Virginia Western information is available through a variety of resources. For details about how to access information, contact your supervisor, departmental administrative assistant, or the Help Desk (540-857-7354 or

Some of the main information resources are highlighted below.

Virginia Western website

The search feature is your friend. The website contains publicly available information on a wide variety of topics, including:


Also available from the website, but requires a login. The types of information available will vary according to your role at the college, but commonly include:

  • Canvas learning management system
  • SIS Student Information System (student specific information, class rosters, etc.)
  • HR information such as your leave balances, benefits summary, and time reporting
  • Chrome River travel and expense approval system
  • Hoonuit (“Who Knew It”) tutorial system

Virginia Western Sharepoint

Intranet available to all faculty and staff. Information includes:

Network Drives on your computer

  • The I:\ drive is personal to you. Other people in your department cannot normally see the files you store here.
  • The J:\ drive stores files to be shared with other people in your department. This is where most of your files should be stored.
  • The L:\ drive stores files to be shared with college personnel outside your department. Access to individual folders is based on your role at the college. Common resources include:
    • Course outlines and syllabi
    • Templates
    • Miscellaneous data resources, such as lists of useful SIS queries.

Other information resources

Your role at the college may require you to have access to other specific systems, such as:

  • Faculty credentialing
  • IIWS system for no-show and withdrawal rosters
  • EVA purchasing system
  • SIS query system

If your role changes so that you may need access to any of these systems, discuss access with your supervisor.

Some college functions are being consolidated through the VCCS Shared Services Center. Current information is available on the Shared Services Center website.