Typically, extended testing time is not accommodated in the classroom. Oftentimes, the extended testing time a student would need exceeds the classroom time. Additionally, instructors may be teaching other classes or other classes are scheduled in the same classroom location. For these reasons and others, extended testing time is often provided by one of the following options.

Testing Center

Step 1: Access Plan(s)

  • At the beginning of each semester send an email to disabilityservices@virginiawestern.edu to request copies of your Access Plan. Be sure to include your name and the number of copies you’ll need. We will have your plans available for pick-up the next business day. Request and present an Access Plan to each instructor, each semester, to receive your accommodations.
  • Access plans must be signed by your instructor(s) and returned to Office of Disability Services (ODS) before any tests will be proctored in the Testing Center. You will not be able to schedule tests until this is received.

Step 2: Schedule

  • You are to take your quiz/test/exam on the same day and time as your class. ALL exceptions must be approved and confirmed by your instructor.
  • You are not to miss other classes due to your accommodation. Please notify Testing Center staff if extended time on your quiz/test/exam will interfere with any classroom instruction time.
  • Access the online test scheduling form hereStep-by-Step Scheduling Instructions (PDF)
  • You are responsible for scheduling your quiz/test/exam up to 2 weeks, but no sooner than 2 business days (48 hours) prior to the actual class testing date. If you fail to schedule your test(s) within this timeframe, you will need to make alternative testing arrangements with your instructor. In this case, you should not expect to receive your accommodations, and instructors are not required to provide them. Click here for Testing Center hours of operation.
To take a test on:Schedule NO LATER than:

Step 3: Take Test

  • Arrive on time for your testing appointment, located on ground floor, of Brown Library. Late arrival will result in lost accommodation time. Arriving later than 15 minutes will require Instructor’s approval for rescheduling.
  • Please come prepared for testing and bring all testing materials with you that you would also use in the classroom. Writing instruments will NOT be provided. You will be asked to show a photo ID.
  • Personal items, food/drink will not be allowed in the testing room. Exceptions for medical/other reasons will need ODS approval.
  • Phones and Electronic Devices are NOT allowed in testing rooms. All devices must be silenced and secured.
  • All testing is monitored by video surveillance and each student is expected to adhere to the VWCC Student Honor Code.
  • You must complete the test once you’ve begun. Breaks are not typically allowed. If you anticipate needing a break due to the impact of your disability, Testing Center staff must be notified beforehand, and your quiz/test/exam will be given to you in sections.

Alternative Test Proctoring Locations/Arrangements

Unless specifically designated on your AP, flexibility exists where/when testing accommodations may occur or be provided. BOTH student and instructor MUST be amenable to alternative testing arrangements and locations.

Proctoring options include:

  • Instructor proctored testing
  • VWCC Testing Center – located on-campus on the lower level of Brown Library
  • Franklin Center – Franklin County

Instructors and students would follow testing protocols per location.