The science programs at Virginia Western offer students project-based learning, hands on laboratories, and opportunities to conduct undergraduate research. Transfer students may choose the traditional science curriculum, which includes many course options in Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Physics, and Astronomy or specialize in the Health Sciences program, the Integrated Environmental Science (IES) program or the Computer Science program. In addition to the transfer programs, Virginia Western also offers a Career Studies Certificate in Biotechnology, for those students who may already be in the workforce, or who desire to specialize their training.

Associate of Science (AS) Degrees

Career Studies Certificates (CSC)

student representing science programs

Program Types

AAS - Designed to prepare students to directly enter the workforce. Some programs may transfer to 4-year institutions.

AS & AA - Designed to transfer to a 4-year institution.

Certificate - Programs that are less than two years in length in an occupational area.

CSC - Programs that are less than one year of length in an occupational area.

Fast-track - Credit and non-credit courses for business and industry training, retraining, and certifications, as well as personal enrichment.