Meet the Students

Yasir Babiker

“Your journey to become an engineer wasn’t easy, but now that you have become what you wanted to be, I have another question. What have you done to positively contribute to your community?”

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Alexandra Bailey

“Remember when you were the eager math geek at Virginia Western, about to graduate and take on the world? You were so excited to see what was in store.”

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Nastazja Bennett

“All of those late nights studying and long days working have paid off. This journey is only getting better and continue to be head strong. Also, remember that success is not final and failure is not fatal.”

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Troy Fitzgerald

“I know it sounds like a lot but we always seem to find a way to figure it all out in the end. So I can’t wait to see how we did it.”

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Leonardo Garcia-Salas

“Throughout time I had made good choices in life but it’s OK to make bad choices because you learn from those errors, because no one is perfect.”

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Deepak Monger

“Whether it be through taking courses, attending conferences, or collaborating with others in the field, I hope that you have continued to challenge yourself to grow and learn.”

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Ashley Rodriguez

“I wonder who you are. Have your goals and values changed?

Have you traveled to all of the places you dreamed of?

Have you gained the stability you yearned for?”

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Julie Wang

“I guess my biggest question is, ‘Are you happy?’ I hope you are.”

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Hannah Young

“You aspire to become a pediatric general surgeon. I know that if you did, all your hard work is paying off. You are working toward your dreams every single day.”

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