A syllabus and course outline should be posted to each course shell in Canvas by the first day of classes each semester. This information should be reviewed with students this first week of classes as well.

The syllabus should spell out class policies and expectations. These policies are enforceable and supported by the college as long as they are in writing on the syllabus and followed consistently for all students.

In addition to posting your syllabus on Canvas, please provide a copy of each course syllabus to your School office by 8:00 AM on the first day of classes.

Syllabus Requirements

The following information should appear on all syllabi. If there is a standard syllabus for a course in your department, you should create an attachment that includes your policies on any item that is individual to your class or not covered on the departmental syllabus.

  • College Name
  • Course title and number
  • Semester/Year
  • Instructor Name
  • Contact Methods and Response time
  • Office hours Statement
  • Attendance Policy
  • Grading Policy
  • Make-up/Late work Policy
  • Penalties for Academic Misconduct Violations
  • Inclement weather schedule specific to the class meeting time(s)

While not required, it is recommended that instructors include the withdrawal dates for the semester and the specific date and time of the final exam for the class.

If you include any information that is also available in the Course Outline, such as the course description or course objectives, please ensure that this information is identical to the current Course Outline found in the College Catalog. If you need help finding your course outline, instructions can be found here.