General Auto Service Technician

Interested in a career in automotive service? This class can help you get started! Learn the skills needed to get your first job as a General Service (tire/lube) technician, including multi-point inspection, oil and filter changes, shop practices, tire mounting and balancing, shop safety, identification and use of hand tools, and the use of power equipment. The class will include some self-study, classroom time, and plenty of time in the automotive shop to practice.  Train in a real automotive shop under the supervision and guidance of a qualified automotive instructor!  You don’t need any experience in automotive service to take this course, just the desire to learn.  In just five short weeks you will prepare for employment as a GS technician.  Do-it-yourselfers are welcome to enroll and can also participate in this course; just know the focus is to prepare participants for entry-level employment in the automotive service field.

Snap-On Multimeter 525 Certification

Are you an automotive technician, electrician, engineering technician, or HVAC mechanic? Do you need to use a digital multimeter or digital Volt/Ohm meter at work? Productivity and safety are key to your success and this hands-on course will increase your skills with the Snap-On 525 Multimeter, which is similar to other quality meters in use today. Using the Snap-On meters and test boards provided in class, this short workshop-style course will cover the basics of multimeter use, including advanced functions, and give you the opportunity to practice troubleshooting basic circuits. Successful participants will not only increase their skills and knowledge with multimeters, but leave the class with (NC3) Snap-On Multimeter certification! Just two short Saturday mornings will increase your knowledge and ability with the use of digital multimeters and related troubleshooting. You don’t need to bring anything to class but a willingness to build your skills. Let’s get to it. For beginners, intermediate, and experienced technicians alike, register today!

Virginia State Safety Inspection

Virginia State Safety Inspectors are in high demand across Virginia and the Roanoke Valley. A compliant and productive inspector is a key business asset to the host inspection station and a benefit to the motoring public at large. Unfortunately, the old method of having prospective inspectors study the state inspection manual on their own is often frustrating and can take even motivated technicians several tries to pass the exam. There is a better way. Just send your technicians to Virginia Western Community College’s Virginia State Safety Inspection course to prepare for the state inspector written and hands on exam! The class takes four Saturday mornings in just 16 hours total and will focus on what your techs need to know to pass the exam and be ready to start inspecting vehicles. Successful participants will become familiar with the inspection manual, understand the inspection process, prepare for the written exam, and be ready for the walk-through with a State Trooper. An excellent local automotive educator and a current Virginia state safety inspector will teach this short course and take good care of your techs.

This program is Fast Forward eligible CDL Training

Class A CDL training prepares students to land an entry-level job operating a Class A commercial motor vehicle. Class A vehicles are defined as any combination of vehicles with GVWR of 26,001 or more pounds provided the GVWR of the vehicles being towed is in excess of 10,000 pounds.

During truck driver training, students learn the skills required by The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to earn a Virginia CDL.

The VWCC training program covers:

  • General Knowledge
  • Air Brakes
  • Combination Vehicles
  • Hazardous Materials Endorsement

Other trucking Endorsements such as Doubles/Triples and Tanker are optional.

In addition, VWCC covers the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations as well as many safety topics necessary to provide a student the basic knowledge and skill set as an entry-level driver in the trucking industry.

Applicants must hold a current Learner’s Permit in any state.


Motorcycle Experienced Rider

Have you recently completed a beginner 2-wheel course or need a refresher? Hone your skills to a higher level in a one-day non-credit class designed to increase your awareness and confidence on the road. For the Experienced Rider 2-Wheel, students are encouraged to use their own motorcycle or have the option of using one provided.

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