Our programs are ready to get you trained quickly and aligned with the credential that is right for you! The programs below will allow you to accelerate forward down the path to enhance and help with a new career. Programs marked with a This program is Fast Forward Eligible are eligible for the FastForward program.

How to Enroll

To enroll in one of our Mechatronics programs:

  1. Get added to our list for notifications and to be screened for available funding by completing our Program Interest and Funding Assistance form.
  2. Complete the onboarding and financial assistance process to be officially enrolled in the program. Your Career Navigator will guide you through this. Please be aware that this can take up to a month.


Mechatronics Fundamentals

This program offers a series of courses to prepare workers for an advanced manufacturing environment in entry level jobs such as Electromechanical Technician, Production Technician or Industrial Maintenance Technician. Level I courses include: Electricity AC/DC and Multimeters, Precision Measuring, Mechanical Systems, Torque, Fluid Power (Pneumatics and Hydraulics) Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and Sensors, and Robotics.

This program is Fast Forward eligible Electricity - AC, DC & Multimeter

Discover the essentials of what powers the world! Electricity! Learn about alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) and how to read multimeters to determine the flow of electricity and if the flow is right for the intended use. Understanding electricity and how to work with it safely is foundational to manufacturing and many other careers. You will build, test and troubleshoot AC/DC circuits and examine the operating voltages and currents related to proper circuit operation. Invest in yourself and in 13 weeks earn 3 Festo / NC3 credentials!

This program is Fast Forward eligible Precision Measuring

Do you have an eye for detail? How about a job testing and measuring for quality! Quality of products determines if those parts will work as intended. Precision measuring is the cornerstone of quality in products and services we all rely on each day. Starrett, Snap-on and NC3 combined their industrial experience and expertise to create certifications that include hands-on training with instruments that are vital to engineering, manufacturing, aerospace, power generation, and natural resources, to name a few. Start your career in manufacturing with a valuable skill set – call us today to enroll!

This program is Fast Forward eligible Mechanical Systems

Did you take things apart as a kid – wondering how things work? You may very well have a natural mechanical ability – a talent that manufacturers want as one of the most desirable skills. The driving forces in any machine are mechanical systems: gears, drives, bearings, pulleys, and more – all found in everything that moves! The Mechanical Systems course covers the installation, use, maintenance, and troubleshooting of mechanical drive components and systems used every day in industry. Open the door to a new career in manufacturing, or a related field such as engineering, aerospace, power generation, to name a few.

This program is Fast Forward eligible Torque

Like tinkering with mechanical things? When assembled parts are fastened together with bolts or other threaded fasteners, tightening the fasteners improperly could cause failure. Consider the importance of a metal medical assembly inside a human body, or the wheel of a vehicle, or an essential part of a manufacturing production line. Breakdowns occur when proper torque is not applied. Learn torque theory and gain experience in torque application, a fundamental requirement for any engineering, assembly, maintenance or repair job in manufacturing, health care and automotive fields. Gain three NC3 / Snap-On credentials in just 8 weeks!

This program is Fast Forward eligible Fluid Power

Come to this class to learn how to do the real heavy lifting – using the principles of hydraulics and pneumatics! Power up a system that will take a human design and multiply the force to perform incredible feats. Fluid Power (Hydraulics and Pneumatics) are widely used methods of energy transmission used extensively on industrial, construction and agricultural machinery. Learn the building blocks of advanced systems: air compressors, power units, filters, pressure control valves, directional control valves, speed control valves, linear and rotary actuators, and more. Gain stackable credentials and add to your skill set – in just 13 weeks – earn two Festo / NC3 credentials.

This program is Fast Forward eligible Programmable Logic Controllers & Sensors

If programming is your thing, join us to learn ladder logic for Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). PLCs are sturdy computers used in rugged environments such as manufacturing to allow for automation of advanced manufacturing systems. Sensors are the eyes, ears, touch, and feel for those systems, relaying signals to the PLCs to direct the workings of all of the mechanical assemblies. You will work with high-end products from Rockwell Automation / Allen Bradley controls to discover the inner workings of industrial systems. In just 8 weeks, earn 2 Festo / NC3 credentials and build your resume to a higher paying job!

This program is Fast Forward eligible Robotics

Step into the world of robotics! Robots complete repetitive tasks but also have very complex human interactions. As the world of manufacturing continues to build highly automated systems, robotics will become increasingly used to improve efficiencies, accuracy, and the ability to build more and more complicated systems. Add robotics to your manufacturing skill set and become a key team member, contributing significantly to solving the complex issues in industry. In just 6 weeks, you will learn the first level of robotics, building your resume for advancement in an in-demand manufacturing career!

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