Adobe Products

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For Work Use

VWCC has negotiated an Enterprise Licensing Agreement (ETLA) with Adobe which permits us to install Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Acrobat Professional on computers on campus, in the same way we install Microsoft Office products under the Microsoft Campus License.  Unlike in the previous license agreement, however, licenses are now tied to your VWCC email credentials, similar to Microsoft Office 365, and will be deployed through the Software Center shortcut on college computer desktops.  Since Adobe Creative Cloud includes a large number of individual products which take up a lot of space on the computer, you are advised to contact the Help Desk for assistance regarding the specific components of Creative Cloud suite that you need for your classes or for your office computer.

If you require only Adobe Acrobat Professional, you do not need to do anything as it should be installed by default.

For Home Use

The Adobe ETLA license referred to above has been renewed for another three year term starting September 2020.  As per the new terms negotiated with Adobe, free access to annual subscription licenses for Adobe Creative Cloud software is no longer available for home use to VWCC Faculty/Staff.

Note: The terms of the Adobe ETLA restrict Creative Cloud subscriptions to Faculty/Staff so it is not available to students.