Security Access Request Form (SARF)

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The SARF is the college’s Security Access Request Form. This form is used to request computer and phone access for employees.

The following systems can be accessed by completing a SARF:

  • Faculty/Staff Email
  • VWCC Network
  • D-list accounts
  • Shared email accounts
  • Phone access
  • Peoplesoft/Student Information System (faculty and administrative)
  • AIS
  • Pcard
  • eVA
  • WES

When should the SARF be completed?

The SARF can take a few days to process depending on what access has been requested. A week beforehand is generally early enough to have most access set up by the time the employee begins work. Some access can only be set up once the employee’s start date has arrived. Please remember that Security Awareness Training will need to be completed 30 days within their account being set up, so it is not advised to request an account too early.

Where is the SARF located?

A link to the SARF can be found on VWConnect (on-campus or virtual desktop access only) on the right side of the page. If you believe you should have access but do not see the link, please contact the Help Desk.

Hints for Completion

  • Include as much of the employee’s information at the top of the form as possible. This information is used to populate the college’s online directory, so it should be accurate.
  • The SARF can be submitted without the EmplID if it is not known.
  • If an employee needs their own phone number and voicemail, make sure you click Yes for “Phone access needed?” and that “Voicemail is needed” is selected.
  • Do not select anything in the D-list email account list for a new employee. Secondary accounts are only allowed for existing employees.
  • When the SARF is submitted, make sure you do not have any errors. Errors are highlighted in red and the SARF will not be submitted successfully until all issues are resolved.
  • The Supervisor’s Name at the bottom of the SARF should not be the same as the name submitted at the top of the SARF.

Contact the Help Desk if you have specific questions about the form or access being given.