Employee update 3/20/20

Dear Virginia Western faculty and staff,

Thank you for your extraordinary efforts to transform our traditional in-person classes to online or remote classes. There will certainly be challenges along the way, but we anticipate this will be an effective way to continue the semester while keeping our students and community safe.

Faculty members, if you have not already, please be sure to contact your students today or over the weekend before classes begin online or remotely next week. Although this has been communicated repeatedly through multiple outlets to students, we don’t want anyone to fall through the cracks.

When you speak with students throughout this evolving crisis, there will be a wide variety of potential complications they may face. Please familiarize yourself with resources that are available to them and be sure to share this page with information: https://www.virginiawestern.edu/covid19/remote-access-to-student-services/.

We know our students will have other hurdles, including financial ones, throughout this crisis. The Virginia Western Educational Foundation is reaching out to the community to solicit donations to support students with emergency needs. Public opportunities to support our students can be found at: https://connect.clickandpledge.com/w/Form/7e9db20c-c8a0-41ec-95d6-1bf432bc6f38.

While the majority of campus employees will be teleworking until further notice, there are services and employees still available on campus. Print services and the mailroom will be operational, though their hours may differ from normal. If you want to schedule a time to pick up a printing job or mail, please call 540-857-7228.

Thank you again for all you are doing.


Robert H. Sandel, Ed.D.


Virginia Western Community College

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