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In response to an outpouring of individual requests, the Educational Foundation has established the Virginia Western Educational Foundation Strategic Fund in honor of Dr. Charles W. Steger, Jr. The fund pays tribute to Dr. Steger’s inspiring leadership while Chairman of the Educational Foundation’s Board of Directors, and his belief in the transformational power of education.

Charles W. Steger Jr

Virginia Western is proud of the faith Dr. Steger placed in the role of the community college to elevate, enrich and energize social mobility and economic development. We honor his memory, and pledge to fulfill his trust in our mission.

Donations will support visionary initiatives that advance the College and the students we serve.
From Dr. Steger’s message to Virginia Western students at the STEM Facility Groundbreaking Event July 2017:

“You are the leaders of tomorrow – in fact, I think you are the leaders of today. You don’t have to be president of a company or a head of an institution to show leadership where you stand right now. We need everyone to take responsibility for making this a more exciting place, a more successful place and a more equitable place, where opportunities and capabilities converge, and we can provide the types of jobs and employment situations that will enhance the quality of life for all of our citizens. It is critical to our society to do that. I encourage you all – lead from where you stand and the time to start leading is right now. We’re counting on you.”

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