WiFi Network Change

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Why can’t I get on the WiFi?

Certificate Authority is changing!

What is it?

The college Wi-Fi network verifies all devices connecting to the network by ensuring they have a valid certificate issued by a “certificate authority” running on a special server on campus. Certificates stored on the devices enable secure communications and verify connection to resources, preventing the “bad guys” from stealing your data.

What does this mean to me?

Wireless access will be affected! Phones, tablets and personally owned laptops will not connect until the existing certificates are replaced with new ones issued by the new certificate authority. You can update the certificate by following the same steps you took when you first started using your device(s) on our network. Updated instructions are available at http://www.virginiawestern.edu/iet/changeover.php and as always, you can contact the Help Desk (540-857-7354) for assistance.

When will this happen?

The cut-over is scheduled for 12 noon on Tuesday, August 8th.