Using the Class Roster to View Wait List Students

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The Wait List function allows students to place themselves on a Wait List for a class section that is full and be given a position number.  If seats become available in the class section, the waitlist process will run to auto-enroll students according to their Wait List position number.

The Wait List function also:

  • Keeps a running list of students who want to enroll in a full class.
  • Automatically attempts to enroll students in request order as space becomes available, on a first-on first-off basis.
  • Requires no direct faculty effort.

The Wait List function is not currently available for all class sections.  For those class sections where a Wait List is available, the instructor can view waitlisted students by accessing their class roster through the self-service Faculty Center.

To view the roster for a class, you must be logged into MyVWCC and inside the Student Information System.

  1. Click Faculty Center, then My Schedule.
  2. Your schedule for the designated term will be displayed. If needed, click change term. Select the correct term and click CONTINUE.
  3. Click the Class Roster icon (class roster icon) in the My Teaching Schedule area of the page. The Class Roster page for the class will be displayed.
    class roster screen
  4. When theĀ  class roster is displayed, the Enrollment Status defaults to Enrolled. If students are on the Wait List for the class, the Enrollment Status drop-down will include a choice of All or Waiting. To view Wait List students, select Waiting.
    Enrollment Status Dropdown
  5. Notice that the student’s position on the Wait List is displayed in the Status Note field.
    Enrollment Status Note