What are some examples of prohibited “personal use”?

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Illustrative examples of prohibited “personal use” include:

  • Accessing and/or downloading information from websites that contain pornographic, offensive or indecent materials.
  • Transmitting email messages which. harass or violate the civil rights of other employees, vendors, or customers.
  • Distributing information via VWCC systems to express your political (vote for my favorite candidate), religious (prayers/scripture lessons), or other personal beliefs (pro-life/pro-choice, adopt a pet, etc.).
  • Using VWCC’s systems for any type of solicitation (sporting event tickets, charitable donations, chain letters, or invitations to join groups or clubs).
  • Using VWCC’s systems to advertise and/or sell personal products/services (houses, cars, furniture, candy, cookies, cosmetics, etc).
  • Using VWCC’s systems to gamble.
  • Downloading excessive information such as to overload VWCC’s network.