Excel Basics Office 365 (2019) (Windows)

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You can access this training through Infobase: Learning Cloud on MyVWCC. The following topics are covered.

A. Getting Started

  • What you will learn
  • Excel spreadsheet structure
  • Creating and saving an Excel file
  • Interface overview

B. Work with Data and Datasets

  • Enter data into a cell
  • Create a dataset
  • Auto-fill data
  • Create simple calculations
  • How to Reference a Cell
  • Auto-fill cell references
  • Format cell data
  • Cut and paste data

C. Create Formulas

  • Create multiple calculation formulas
  • Using the AutoSum Function
  • Create an averaging formula
  • Retrieving the min and max value
  • Retrieving the number count
  • Creating a correlation
  • Access and search for built-in formulas

D. Managing Data

  • Tracing precedents
  • Tracing dependents
  • Sort data
  • Changing text to columns
  • Setup data validation
  • Deleting and inserting columns and rows

E. Formatting an Excel Table

  • Merging cells
  • Labeling data
  • Changing cell background color
  • Change the table’s format
  • Freeze panes
  • Create conditional formatting
  • Insert images and objects

F. Working with Sheets

  • Name and add sheets
  • Referencing data in other sheets

G. Working with Charts

  • Insert a chart
  • Edit a Chart
  • Change Chart Type
  • Editing Chart Data

H. Securing Data

  • Protecting a Sheet
  • Hide and Unhide Columns and Rows
  • Add Comments to a Cell
  • Save to OneDrive
  • Share Spreadsheet

I. Import Export Data

  • Import From Text
  • Import as a CSV File
  • Import Data into an Existing Sheet
  • Export as CSV File
  • Export as Tab Delimited Text
  • Printing Spreadsheets

J. Office 365 vs 2019

  • Differences Between Office 365 and 2019