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February 11, 2014

NSC Set Up

If you are using the Natural Science Center and it has already been set up for another event, please try not to move it. If you must move furniture, please reset it before you leave.

If you have events with food or if you eat lunch in the Natural Science Center please fully clean up the kitchen when finished. Dirty dishes are continually left in the sink, on the counter, or in the dishwasher. If you use it, clean it.

Questions? Contact Tara Nepper (tnepper@virginiawestern.edu)

Staff Senate Meeting & Special Election

The next Staff Senate Meeting will be held on February 13th at 10 a.m. in the Natural Science Center. SNOW DATE IS 2/19.

Nominations are currently being accepted to fill the co-chair position left vacant by Rick Robers. The term for this position is through May 2015. Nominations may be presented from the floor on February 13th or submitted by email to Tara Nepper (tnepper@virginiawestern.edu) at any time.

Regular elections for the other co-chair position held by Tara Nepper and the recorder position held by Nicole Bell will take place in May. Nominations for those positions will be accepted beginning in April.

Past meeting minutes may be found on VWConnect through this link: https://vwconnect.vw.edu/sites/governance/Shared%20Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspx?RootFolder=%2Fsites%2Fgovernance%2FShared%20Documents%2FStaff%20Senate

All full- and part-time classified staff are encouraged to attend Staff Senate. Agenda items may be submitted to Tara Nepper or Nicole Bell (nbell@virginiawestern.edu).

STudent 1098 Mailing

The Virginia Community College System uses a company by the name of Vangent to produce and distribute all 1098’s.  Virginia Western Community College’s student 1098’s were prepared and mailed on January 27, 2014.

Students can obtain a copy of their 1098 before it arrives in the mail or obtain additional copies at the Vangent website at tra.vangent.com   There is no additional charge for the web copies.  Students should click the “First Time Students” button and follow the directions.

Students can also receive assistance by using the “Student Help” link on the website.  There are many useful help topics to assist students as well as an 800 number that can be used to get technical assistance with logging in and retrieving records.  However, this number cannot be used for general 1098-T questions or information on the existence of a form for any particular student.  Only students who have a published 1098 will be able to retrieve their 1098 from the website.

Be advised that Box 1 of the 1098-T includes all payments (student payments, student payments made through tuition payment plans, loans, 3rd party, scholarships, and financial aid and waivers) that satisfied qualified tuition and fee charges net of student revenue refunds. Box 4 data reports any adjustments made in calendar year 2013 for qualified tuition and related expenses reported for a prior year on Form 1098-T.  Box 5 of the 1098-T reports the net sum of 3rd party payments, scholarships, financial aid and waivers that satisfied qualified tuition and fee charges.  Box 6 data reports adjustments made in calendar year 2013 to scholarships or grants reported for a prior year on Form 1098-T.  Qualified charges satisfied by loan payments are considered paid by the student and will be reported in Box 1. Qualified tuition charges are credit course charges, technology fees, capital fees, course and class specific fees and all mandatory non-E&G fees.  No other charges qualify for 1098-T reporting including bookstore charges, fines, non-credit course charges, and miscellaneous fees.  The difference between Box 1 and Box 5 represents student payments.

Students whose eligible tuition and fees charges were totally refunded or were entirely satisfied by financial aid, third party or waivers will not receive a 1098-T.  Students whose calendar year 2013 transactions resulted in Box 1 and Box 5 and Box 4 and Box 6 being equal will not receive a 1098-T. Also, please note for purposes of 1098-T reporting; only calendar year 2013 cash basis activity is reflected.  Payments made in December 2013 for the spring 2014 term are therefore included on the 1098-T.  Payments made in December 2012 for the spring 2013 term are not included.  Credit hours taken in the spring term 2014 and paid for by December 31, 2013 do not count toward half-time eligibility for 2013 because the academic term did not start in calendar year 2013.

Students who receive 1098 statements and have questions or concerns should contact the cashier’s office at 540-857-6315 or by email to pcunningham@virginiawestern.edu

Mailroom and Print Services Moving – Please Read!

Mailroom and Print Services are joining forces and will be moving into Anderson Hall in the space formerly occupied by the Dental Hygiene Program.  By combining these two operations into one department, we will eliminate redundancy and increase efficiency of mail and print services.

The postage meter machine will be moved into the new space on Thursday, February 13th and Friday, February 14th.   To facilitate this move, outgoing mail will not be available after noon on Thursday, February 13th or at all on Friday, February 14th.    UPS will not be available until Monday, February 17th.  The new Mail and Print Services space in Anderson Hall contains a new mailbox for each area/division on campus.  Mail delivery to all areas on campus will continue until the transition is complete.  However, once complete each area/division will pick-up and deliver their outgoing mail to Anderson Hall.

To further streamline mail delivery to the campus, we will begin the process of having the mail delivered to the campus by the U. S. Postal service and eventually eliminate the need for a post office box.  Eliminating the post office box will take some time.  To start the process, we are asking everyone to begin by changing the address on their email contact information.  This process will take several months to a year. Do not order new business cards or letterhead stationary until your current supplies are depleted.  The address that should be used for each area is listed below for your convenience.  Please notice that all of the addresses use Roanoke, VA  24015 for the city, state and zip code.

I appreciate everyone’s cooperation and support of this new process and look forward to having an Open House to introduce everyone to the new area.

Street Addresses for all Major Buildings

  • Anderson Hall 3097 Colonial Ave., SW
  • Brown Library 3095 Colonial Ave., SW
  • Business Science Building 3099 Colonial Ave., SW
  • Chapman Hall 3094 Colonial Ave., SW
  • College Services Building 3054 Colonial Ave., SW
  • Craig Hall 3092 Colonial Ave., SW
  • Duncan Hall 3090 Colonial Ave., SW
  • Fishburn Hall 3093 Colonial Ave., SW
  • Fralin Center 3091 Colonial Ave, SW
  • Greenhouse 3102 Colonial Ave., SW
  • Humanities Building 3082 Colonial Ave., SW
  • Student Center 3096 Colonial Ave., SW
  • Thomas Center 3074 Colonial Ave., SW
  • Webber Hall 3098 Colonial Ave., SW
  • PE Building No legal address

Faculty and Staff Regalia

The Spring 2014 Graduation Ceremony will be May 9, 2014. This is our students big day and we need to show our support. Regalia is available for full-time faculty, adjunct faculty and staff. Please go to the following link and click on Regalia Rental - SP14:  https://vwconnect.vw.edu/sites/academics/Records%20Office/Forms/AllItems.aspx. All forms need to be returned to the Records Office no later than Monday, March 3rd.

Job & Internship Fair for Students February 20th

Students & Alumni: REGISTER TODAY to attend the 2014 Career Premiere Job & Internship Fair!

WHEN: February, 20th 2014 from 11:00 am - 3:00 pm

RESERVE your spot today!!! Contact or come by the Hall Career Center (Thomas Center 202) at 857-6710 or careercenter@virginiawestern.edu to complete the registration forms.

WHAT TO EXPECT:  Check out this video http://youtu.be/klONfeOxaMw

For more information and a list of employers please visit the event website:  http://careerpremierefair.com/students/ The employer list will be constantly updated as more employers register to attend with an average of 50-60 employers attending the fair each year this can be a great opportunity to make some connections!

The Career Premiere Fair brings employers together with students and recent graduates from several liberal arts and sciences colleges, universities and community colleges in the northwest and southwest regions of Virginia.

The purpose of the Fair is to share information with college students and graduates about career and internship opportunities at participating organizations.

New Horizons 2014 Registration Deadline

The deadline for registering for New Horizons 2014 at the early bird rate is February 19, 2014. The college will pay the early bird registration fee for any full-time faculty or staff who requested this on their Professional Development Application.  After February 19, 2014,  registrants will be responsible for payment of the registration fee of $200.

The website to register is http://www.cvent.com/events/2014-vccs-new-horizons-conference-participant-registration/event-summary-a28adf45a3a390c20e2d132b4a.aspx. On the Registration Form, use the name Fred Aaron as the college official authorizing payment and select "College Pay" in the payment window.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

For a full refund, you must cancel your registration by March 14, 2014.
To receive a 50% refund, you must cancel by March 31, 2014.
No refunds will be given after April 1, 2014.

Cancellations are the responsibility of the registrant. To cancel your registration, please follow the instructions below:

1. Visit the 2014 VCCS New Horizons Conference Participant Registration page.

2. Click on the ‘Already Registered’ link and enter your email address (the one you used to register for the conference) and confirmation number*.

3. Click on the “Unregister” icon and hit ‘Finish’ when complete.

4. You will receive a cancellation confirmation email immediately after.

* If you do not have your confirmation number, Cvent can email it to you.

VCCS SIS/HR System Outage

The VCCS SIS/HR system will be unavailable due to a system upgrade from 6:00 am on Saturday, February 15 until 6:00 pm on Sunday, February 16. Students, faculty, and staff will not be able to access SIS/HR, mobile SIS, the Online Application for Admission, SIS archive, and batch processes will be put on hold during this period. Additionally, the following external systems will be affected:

QUINN extracts will not be run on Friday and Saturday night.
The ImageNow integration will be unavailable during the upgrade time period.
The Wizard advising link will be unavailable during the upgrade time period.
The McCann testing interface will be stopped on Friday evening, February 14 and restarted on Sunday.
All SIS/HR interfaces will be inactive during the upgrade time period.

My VWCC and Blackboard will remain available.


KIDS College - Food for Thought Family Night Out Cooking Classes (KIDS 2437) 6:00pm - 8:00pm. You will not want to miss out on this fun and exciting class! - Register today!!!!! http://virginiawestern.edu/kidscollege/classes.php Wednesday 3/12/14, 3/26/14, 4/9/14 http://www.virginiawestern.edu/workforce/docs/familynightoutflyer.pdf Contact Paulette Parkhill pparkhill@virginiawestern.edu for more details (540-857-6514). KIDS College Summer Youth Program materials states registrations begin March 3, 2014 - No need to wait register is now open! http://www.virginiawestern.edu/kidscollege  Contact: Paulette Parkhill pparkhill@virginiawestern.edu or (540) 857-6514

Project Management Professional Certification (BUSC - 58672 AC2)  Thursday  (6:00pm-9:30pm) 3/27/14 - 5/29/14
http://virginiawestern.edu/workforce/programs/pmp.php (visit http://www.pmi.org/CareerDevelopment/Pages/Obtaining-Credential.aspx for more information). Contact Paulette Parkhill 540-857-6514 or pparkhill@virginiawestern.edu

Intro to Basics, Families Creation and Advanced Revit Techniques (CADD 2153 AC1) Thursday (6:00pm-9:45pm) 3/20/14 - 5/8/14  http://virginiawestern.edu/workforce/programs/business_professional.php  This (8) week non-credit course will expand on the knowledge of the Foundations of Revit and further develop integrated floor plans, coordinate systems, drawing families, massing, extruding, dimensions, creation and editing. Pre Req: CAD drafting experience. Contact Paulette Parkhill 540-857-6514 or pparkhill@virginiawestern.edu

Home Inspection Training Course now available! Online Home Study Course or 3-day in classroom course includes online Home Study Course; Class dates: March 14-16, 2014; 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM  Follow this link for more details: http://virginiawestern.edu/workforce/programs/homeinspection.php

Eric Stiles, a former supervisor and head tailor/fitter for Giorgio Armani, Polo Ralph Lauren is coming to Roanoke! Sewing/Construction & Pattern Drafting classes (LLRN 2700 - 6 sessions, one per week for 6 consecutive weeks on THURSDAYS) 3/6/14 - 4/10/14 This class must reach a minimum of 20 registrations to be held. Click this link for more details- http://virginiawestern.edu/workforce/classes/sewing.php  Contact Paulette Parkhill 540-857-6514 or pparkhill@virginiawestern.edu

QuickBooks for Business Workshop (ACCT 2195 - AC1) Thursday 5/1/14 - 5/15/14 (6:00pm-9:00pm) http://virginiawestern.edu/workforce/conted/quickbooks.php - Learn tips and tricks for using QuickBooks to manage your accounting records, freeing up time for you to grow your business. This in-depth workshop will help you succeed! Pre-Req: ACC-110 or prior experience using QuickBooks. Interested in the summer session; please contact Paulette Parkhill 540-857-6514 or pparkhill@virginiawestern.edu

Go from $0 to $40,000 in 20 Days! - Class A CDL Licensing Class This is a 20-Day Program, which can be completed on a full or part-time basis.  The program is designed to get students trained and licensed with the Department of Motor Vehicles.  Throughout the program, students will participate in classroom and hands-on training which will prepare them to meet and exceed all DMV, Department of Transportation and Federal Motor Carrier guidelines.  Career placement is conducted throughout the course of the program.  Students thrive to receive pre-hires from companies throughout the industry, which is experiencing a major driver shortage.  Contact CDS Tractor Trailer Training at 540-857-6188 or cpender@virginiawestern.edu.

Upcoming Advising the Undecided Student Sessions

Gain some insight on steps to take, questions to ask and resources to consider as you advise your "undecided" students. Attend an Advising the Undecided Student professional development session. These sessions will be held in the Natural Science Center on:

  • Monday, February 10 from 12-1
  • Thursday, February 13 from 2-3
  • Friday, February 14 from 9-10