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August 8, 2013


RETIREMENT PLANNING TODAY WORKSHOPS - Tuesday 10/15-10/22 or Thursday 10/17-10/24 - Learn how to determine the amount of money you need to retire. Create your own goals for a successful retirment. Eliminate debt and improve cash flow. Class sizes are limited be sure to register today! Advance registration is required. Spouses welcome at no additional charge. Class requires a minimum of 3 registrations or class will be rescheduled or cancelled to run at a later date. Cost $59. Contact Paulette Parkhill 540-857-6514 or pparkhill@virginiawestern.edu

Project Management Exam Prep BUSC BUSC 2507 - AC2 class #67189 Thursday 10/10/13 - 12/19/13 (6:00pm-9:30pm) Duncan Hall Room 102 - This course is designed to introduce students to the concepts of project management as defined within PMI.org, the accreditation body for project management. Students must furnish their own textbooks. Contact Paulette Parkhill 540-857-6514 or pparkhill@virginiawestern.edu

Industrial Maintenance Technician (17 Weeks, 20 Hours/Week, 340 Total Hours) This VWCC Quick Connect Intensive Industrial Maintenance Technician's program introduces students to the knowledge and skills they will need to work in manufacturing or industrial plants. Entry level industrial maintenance technicians call upon a variety of skills in electronics, mechanical and digital systems to repair and maintain large and complex machines. Through on-line, classroom and hands-on training, students will build skills in an array of mechanical, electrical and technological areas including welding and maintenance, mechanical systems, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, and electrical control systems. Students will use a variety of resources including Tooling University from the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. For additional program information, please contact Leah Coffman at 857-6678; James Smith at 857-6273; or contact a VWCC Career Transition Coach at 857-6296 (Deb Squire) or 857-6279 (Amanda Decker)

Full Time Fridays

Do you know a General Studies Student or one in pursuit of a degree in General Studies? Have they considered the Full Time Fridays (ftf) program? Virginia Western's Full-Time Fridays (ftf) program allows students to earn an Associate of Science Degree in General Studies while balancing priorities to their work, families and life in general.  Full-Time Fridays will give students the opportunity to earn a General Studies degree in just two years through on-campus courses on Fridays, coupled with hybrid classes.

With Full-Time Fridays, students will be able to take all their courses from 8 a.m.- 6:30 p.m. on Fridays and still be able to manage obligations to their work, family and themselves. The typical course load of 60 credit hours will be spread over Fall and Spring semesters for two years.

FTF’s students enjoy the benefits of one on one personalized advising and a unique program that strives to help students reach their higher education goals. For more information about enrolling in Full-Time Fridays, visit: http://www.virginiawestern.edu/academics/fridays.php, or contact coordinator Alexander Scott at ascott@virginiawestern.edu or 540-857-7247.

Temporary Signs and Finishes / Permanent Signs

Adhesive and masking tape damages drywall, paint and door finishes causing costly repairs. Tape adhesive can chemically adhere to these finishes. Adhesive and masking tape also leaves residue on glass. Please use the following guidelines for any temporary signs needed. As a first choice use the existing public tack boards or doorway tack boards. As a second choice purchase large “post it pad” sheets or use the blue painters tape with light adhesive and use this only on glass surfaces. Brand name “Post-It” is recommended as its adhesive is less damaging. Even with these products, remove these temporary signs as soon as possible to avoid adhesive adhering by contact over time. Never use push pins on anything other than tack boards. If permanent signs in keeping with the established campus signage are needed contact FMS. Response for permanent signage requests will be dependent on budget constraints.