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March 8, 2013

Space Heaters, Safety and Energy Management – Did you know?

Did you know that space heaters use lots of energy? They also defeat the buildings energy management systems and may be making you colder. The heating and cooling systems in all VWCC buildings are controlled by computer at set points established by the state. When a room overheats the system calls for cooling. A space heater may provide immediate warmth but trigger the computer to send cooling to your space to offset the heat and restore the room to its set point. If this happens energy is wasted and you may actually be making the room cooler. Also, all space heaters are required to be non open coil and never be placed within 3 feet of any combustible material. Your office desk is combustible. Space heaters should never be plugged into extension cords or power strips either as this can cause overheating of the cord and wiring. The state Fire Marshal periodically inspects our facilities for compliance to code on these appliances.

Fence at Center For Science and Health Professsions (CSHP)

The contractor will be removing the existing fence at the CSHP construction site to do some grading and landscaping. They will replace the existing fence with a smaller fence to maintain site safety and security. There may be a gap between the old fence coming out and the new one being provided. The area is still considered a construction site and is not yet safe for faculty, staff or students. Please continue to use pathways around the site and avoid going on the site. The contractor asked us to post this message on their behalf.


Friday, March 8, 2013

  • 3rd Annual Fund Raiser for Juvenille Diabetes at Mr. Bill’s Wine Cellar (10 a.m. – 7 p.m.) @ Mr. Bill’s Wine Cellar will donate $2 per bottle for each bottle of Santa Luz Wines sold through March 23.
  • Super Hold (7 p.m.) @ Roanoke Civic Center, Tickets $14 at the door. Featuring our own Media Geek musician, Dave McDonald.
  • Free Weekly Beer Tasting (5pm – 8pm) @ Wine Gourmet


Saturday, March 9, 2012

  • Free Wine Tasting (noon – 5 p.m.) @ Mr. Bill’s Wine Cellar on Brambleton Avenue. Stop by and sample the wines of Fincastle Vineyard & Winery.
  • Physicians on Foot (8:30am) @ Tanglewood Mall. Numerous Carilion Clinic physicians are lacing up their walking shoes alongside the public in the "Physicians on Foot" weekly walking program. For info - www.carilionclinic.org/walking
  • Free Weekly Wine Tasting (12pm – 5pm) @ Wine Gourmet


Sunday, March 10, 2012

  • First Annual Chocolate Sunday Festival (noon – 5 p.m.)@ Hotel Roanoke. For more information www.swvacacf.org


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Upcoming Events

Spring Music Festival presented by Trane to benefit CCAP, Roanoke Performing Arts Theatre, 4 p.m. March 16

WestWind Apartment Homes Open House on March 16, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Refreshments and door prizes.

Axis 5 will be playing at Growlers on April 3rd.




  • FRESH BROWN EGGS FOR SALE: From free-range chickens. Contact Elizabeth Wilmer at ewilmer926@gmail.com
  • HARVARD ELECTRONIC 4-PERSON AIR HOCKEY TABLE: Standard size Harvard electronic air hockey table. 4’ wide x 7’ long with electronic scoring. Barley used and in good condition. Approximately 6 years old. Currently sells new for $974.00+. Asking $200 (cash only) – firm. Bottom support must be removed to move; flight of stairs to remove from the house. Contact Denise at 540-314-3713.
  • SOFAS FOR SALE: Three used sofas $150 Call 704-492-3255 or email elywyne@gmail.com or em2389@email.vccs.edu.
  • ROANOKE VALLEY WOMEN'S SOCCER LEAGUE - Need women 18 + years old, especially over 35, to join the new recreational division this spring. Desperately seeking "play for fun" women. The cost is $50 for 10+ games. The games are Sundays in the afternoon at Botetourt Sports Complex (usually) from March 24 to June 2.No experience necessary -- we will fumble the ball together. This sport is a bun burner; we play 80-minute games with breaks at 20 minutes. The club (recreational) division has 2 teams and each team needs more players. We get to choose a team color and name so come be soccer divas with me! I'm 62 years old and really want women somewhat close to my age with which to play. Email Edna at ewhittier@virginiawestern.edu with your name and experience. For information about the league go to RVWSL.info
  • CULINARY KNIFE SET like new; also digital thermometer for sale $300 or best offer. contact gathan allen @ 540-519-4443 or gea21@virginiawestern.edu
  • 3 PRINTERS FOR SALE, two having software disc; Priced Very Cheap! 1 HP printer DeskJet 722C Kodac image $30.00, has cords with it. 1 Lexmark 725 (x74-x75) printer scanner with software and a user guide. $35.00, also has cords with it. 1 Lexmark z25,z35 Jet printer with software and a user guide. $30.00, also has cords with it. Email: jbarker5021@email.vccs.edu
  • PARTICIPANTS SOUGHT FOR STUDY ON MOTHERS AND CHILDREN Are you a mother who sometimes worries or has fears? Do you have a child between 7 and 12 years of age? A new study is investigating how mothers and children interpret situations in their day-to-day lives. The study is being conducted at the Child Study Center at 460 Turner Street NW, Suite 207, Blacksburg. For more information please contact Kristin Austin at momanxiety@vt.edu or call 540-231-8276. Compensation: $50.
  • DEPRESSION RESEARCH STUDY. Are you feeling depressed or down? Volunteers are needed for a study investigating emotions and brain responses in people who suffer from depression. Eligible participants will: Receive counseling at no cost, Participate in interviews and complete questionnaires, Play computer games during MRI scans, Be paid $15/hour or more for participating. To be eligible you must: Be 18-55 years old, Have problems with depression, NOT be taking antidepressants, NOT have any mental implants, NOT be claustrophobic. If you meet the above requirements and are interested in participating, contact Cari Rosoff at 540-526-2032 or depression@vtc.vt.edu. This study takes place at the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute at 2 Riverside Circle, Roanoke VA.
  • SMOKING RESEARCH STUDY. Do you smoke cigarettes? Volunteers are needed for a brain imaging study at the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute. Earn up to $380 (in cash and/or cigarettes). Call or text 315-0205.


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Final Basketball Games Tomorrow!

Last Blue Stars Basketball Games!

Saturday, March 9 in the Gymnasium

The Women will play at 11:00 AM and 1:30 PM.

The Men will play at 2:45 PM and 5:15 PM

See you tomorrow!