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May 22, 2014

VWCC Baja Team Begins Competing TODAY!

Keep your fingers crossed for excellent results for Western’s Baja team! The Baja team departed from Western on Monday headed for Pittsburg, Kansas. 119 teams registered for the competition some of which include teams from Egypt, Brazil, Canada, Mexico with U.S. teams from the universities of Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Michigan, Nebraska, Kentucky; Tennessee Tech, Perdue, and many more. These are top engineering universities, and most other countries hold a qualifying event that allows the best from their country to compete in the U. S. events. Most teams have a budget that is ten times the amount that Western’s team uses each year.

This year will be our 8th consecutive year competing, and the team feels that they have built a car that is 20 percent faster than last year’s car.

Last year’s team finished 19th in the world. This is the highest that a community college has ever finished in the 30 plus years of the event.

Good luck in the days ahead; and we hope that the Baja car and team will outperform all of the schools mentioned above racing to the best finish ever!