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May 20, 2014


Congratulations to Lee Allen, who received her Doctorate of Arts in Community College Education from George Mason University on May 17th. The Advising Center team members are very excited and proud of our colleague.


Calendar Resources – Please Read!

What are calendar resources? A resource is the assistance needed from Campus Police, Media Geeks or FMS for your reservation on the college's online calendar/reservation system. When a resource is needed for your meeting or event please make sure to use either the college's online calendar or the FMS Maintenance Connection Work Order system.

What resources are available for a reservation through the calendar?

Campus Police

  • No need to unlock, user has a key - this lets Campus Police know for sure that you do not need their assistance.
  • Other (Please Specify)
  • Reserve parking - see notes - Reserve parking is approved based on the type of event, attendees and number of spaces required.
  • Reserve parking lot 1/NSC -This reserves the small lot in front of the NSC closest to Winding Way.
  • Unlock Doors - If this is not selected, Campus Police will not know to unlock the door. Using this in advance will save you from waiting the day of your meeting/event.

IET/Media Geeks

  • Dedicated Technician (May be a charge) - This applies to services that may not normally be needed such as video or on-hand tech services. Usually for off-campus users.
  • Microphone (Whitman Theater only) - Select if additional microphones are needed. If the lectern only will be used, this option is not necessary.
  • Multi-Media Lectern - This lets the Media Geeks know that you will be using the lectern in the location selected. Media Geeks will advise if for any reason the lectern is not in full working order.
  • No Technician Needed - This lets Media Geeks know that you will not be using technology.
  • Please contact me for specific technical support - This is helpful when a large event will required more coordination or if you are not sure what services are needed.
  • Resources needed: - List the services you know you will need from Media Geeks.
  • Wireless Guest Password - Select when off-campus visitors will need a password to log into the college's wireless network.

The calendar takes care of the assistance you need from Campus Police and Media Geeks.

For support from FMS (chairs, tables, room set up, etc.) you will need to use the Maintenance Connection Work Order system.

Contact Hunter Wright if you do not have access to the work order system or have questions regarding FMS services. Please do not email set up requests.

Questions regarding the college's online calendar and reservation system? Contact Tara Nepper (tnepper@virginiawestern.edu or 76492)

Learn to line dance

Get out in the fresh air and learn some new moves join your friends at 11:30 this THURSDAY in the Court of Four Seasons for line dance lessons.

Bring your lunch and join us for a quick lesson with your co- workers on how to shag dance and country line dancing just in time for Party in the Park concerts.

Sponsored by Staff Senate

Support Relay for Life!

Save the date and start Christmas shopping early at the VW Relay for Life Bazaar on September 17th in the Natural Science Center.

More information to come. Questions? Contact Tara Nepper (tnepper@virginiawestern.edu or 76492)


Thank You

Dear VWCC Friends,

Thank you so much for the lovely flower arrangmeent you sent to me during my hospital stay. I appreciate my VWCC family so much. Thank you for your prayers and thoughts.


Becky Chauncey

Welcome New Hires!

Please take a minute to stop by and say hello to the following new faces at Virginia Western!

  • William "Bryan" Reedy began on 05/19/2014 as a Systems Administrator and Engineer for IET.

Congratulations to the following employees who have moved from part-time to full-time positions!

  • Phyllis Smith began a full-time position on 05/10/2014 as an Admin and Office Specialist for Workforce at Greenfield.


Welcome to Virginia Western!



The School of Business, Technology and Trades is proud to share the following news of awards, accomplishments, and happenings in the Al Pollard Culinary Arts Program.

• One VWCC graduate and two current students from the culinary program recently received ACF certifications! Darla Mehrkens received the ACF’s Certified Executive Chef designation and current students Dawn Kirby and Tanita Custer both received the ACF’s Certified Working Pastry Chef certification. Congratulations on these accomplishments!

• The Roanoke chapter of the ACF (Southwestern Virginia chapter) received the Chapter of the Year award at the regional conference. All three full-time faculty – Chefs Zeisler, Polfelt and Schopp – are very active members of the chapter and are leaders in many of the activities (i.e. Chocolate Sunday Festival, Chef and Child program). Through chapter activities, Chef Zeisler has lead the "Chef and Child" program volunteering with our students every Friday in four local elementary schools. The chapter won the Little Oscar award for two years from the National ACF for the “Chef and Child” activities. Chef Schopp was the invited chef for James Madison's "food for thought" working along with student volunteers doing day-long demonstrations for three classes on Thursdays of every month during spring semester. Thanks to Western’s chefs who are doing their part in placing the chapter on National’s radar.

• Chef Polfelt recently won a GOLD medal “Best of Show” at a recent culinary competition in NC.

• The State Skills USA competition was held at the Claude Moore Complex during the spring semester. Chef Schopp chaired the commercial baking, Chef Zeisler chaired the prep assistant, and Chef Polfelt chaired the culinary categories. Outside guests were very complimentary of Western’s planning and oversight.

• Virginia Western’s Al Pollard Culinary Arts Program has applied for accreditation through the American Culinary Federation, and a site visit is scheduled for September, 2014.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments from Culinary Arts and the School of Business, Technology and Trades!

Library Services and Resources Available

Need to do research for a class?  Want to check out one of our new books?  Looking for a quiet place to study?   Have time between classes to read the newspaper or some popular magazines?   Come to the top floor of the Brown Library Building where library services and resources are available for you.   Let the library staff assist you with the research and knowledge services you need to succeed in your summer classes.  We take pride in our desire and ability to help with a variety of information needs.  The top floor is open to serve you Monday –Thursday, 8AM - 8PM; Friday, 8AM - 5PM; and Saturday, 9AM - 1PM (Closed this Saturday, May 24 through Monday, May 26 for the Memorial Day Holiday).

Have a good semester!

More TOTAL Workshops Available

Here is a list of the TOTAL workshops that will be offered through either SVCC or DCC this summer. These are open to your college faculty, and if you are interested, feel free to advertise these at your institutions.

These workshops are free and open to any adjunct or full-time instructors. Remember that although these workshops will take place within Blackboard, sign-up for these sessions is through the Knowledge Center. Participants do need to be familiar with Blackboard to complete these sessions, except for the Blackboard Basics workshop. If a faculty member has never used Blackboard before or has used it in a limited capacity, you may want to encourage them to complete the Blackboard Basics session before any of the other TOTAL offerings.

All of these TOTAL workshops have required activities. The assignments are graded; all assignments must be completed; and an overall grade of 80% is required to receive a VCCS certificate of completion. The Blackboard session is very different from other TOTAL workshops in that it is self-paced, but all other TOTAL workshops have required due dates for tasks each week that the session runs. Peer-to-peer interaction is integral for the various sessions, and therefore everyone is expected to complete work on a set schedule.
Let Carrie or me know if you have any questions.

Workshop Title                                                                                      Workshop Dates
Designing Meaningful Discussions (SVCC)                                               May 26th - June 15th (3 Weeks)
Best Practices in Online Teaching and Learning (DCC)                          June 2nd - June 29th (4 Weeks)
Captioning Media (SVCC)                                                                              June 9th - 29th (3 Weeks)
Developing Collaborative Activities (SVCC)                                              July 21st - August 3rd (2 Weeks)
Blackboard Basics (SVCC)                                                                             July 21st - August 10th (3 Weeks)

CCAP 2014 Diploma Campaign

2014 Diploma Campaign

During the month of May, Kroger and Stop In Food Stores are partnering with Virginia Western Community College to support the Community College Access Program (CCAP) and make college possible for local high school graduates.

Stop by any local Kroger or Stop In Food Stores location and donate $1 or $5 when you check out. All proceeds directly benefit CCAP and help bolster the economic base of the Roanoke Valley.

For more information, see  http://www.virginiawestern.edu/foundation/ccap/index.php