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January 13, 2014

Spring Break NYC Trip!

Seats are still open for the Spring Break trip (March 1-3) 3 day/2 night trip to New York City trip! The deadline for signing up is January 15th.

Faculty and staff CAN go on this trip, in addition to students, and can bring a guest!  We will be taking signups from now until January 15th.  The price per person is $366/quad room and $400/double room. Single and Triple rooms are also available.

To sign up, take your first payment ($100) to the Cashier in Chapman Hall. Then bring or send your receipt and your paperwork to Natasha Lee, Thomas Center 208.

Link to paperwork with full details/prices/etc.: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B91IH29cKIa6ai16aXlYMjJPLWs/edit?usp=sharing

The trip is sponsored by the Armed Forces Club and Student Council.F or more information, contact Matthew Jones, President of Armed Forces Club, at mjones0373@email.vccs.edu or Natasha Lee, Student Council advisor, at nlee@virginiawestern.edu.

Thinking of riding your bike to campus?

Virginia Western has bike racks in the following locations:

1 Police Station

1 Webber Hall 1st floor near Soda Machine - 1st floor plaza

1 Duncan Hall

1 Bookstore (near parking lots)

1 Brown Library

1 Fishburn Hall Four Season

1 Business Science Four Season


For more information, contact Student Activities Coordinator Natasha Lee at nlee@virginiawestern.edu or 857-6326.

Try the Honeybaked Difference!

Try Heavenly Ham's delicious menu items with these opportunities:

  • 10% off any in-store purchase (with student or faculty ID
  • Western Wednesdays!  All VWCC students/faculty get 2 punches for every box lunch purchase.  Ten punches equal a FREE BOX LUNCH!
  • Happy Hour
  • All sodas HALF PRICE after 3p.m.! Monday through Friday only.

Visit them online at MyHoneyBakedStore.com

Any questions, contact Student Activities Coordinator Natasha Lee at nlee@virginiawestern.edu or 857-6326.

International Student Club Needs a Sponsor

The International Student Club is looking for a faculty or staff member who would be willing to serve as a sponsor.

The club is an active group of students from around the world who meet regularly to plan social activities and campus events.

Sponsors are volunteers who serve as a liason between the student group and the college. If you have questions or would like more information about being a sponsor, please contact Natasha Lee at nlee@virginiawestern.edu or 857-6326  and I will put you in touch with the student leaders.

Calendar Tip – Public and Private Calendar

Have you ever looked at the calendar on the front page of the website and wondered why you can't see your reservation? The College's online calendar shows up in two forms on the website.

The PUBLIC CALENDAR is seen from the front page of the website and pulls information that is open to students and the community. The Public Calendar is yellow. http://calendar.activedatax.com/virginiawestern/CalendarNOW.aspx?fromdate=7/1/2013&todate=7/31/2013&display=Month&more=1/1/0001

The PRIVATE CALENDAR can be accessed front the website by clicking Faculty & Staff > Faculty & Staff Calendar. The Private Calendar shows all Public Calendar reservations as well as those specific toward faculty and staff (meetings, interviews, etc). The Private Calendar is green. http://calendar.activedatax.com/virginiawestern/CalendarNOW.aspx?fromdate=7/1/2013&todate=7/31/2013&display=Month&more=1/1/0001


VCCS Paul Lee Professional Development Grant Program

The VCCS offers two types of grants.

The first is the Professional Development Grant, with a maximum award of $2,500.
The second is the Workshop Mini-Grant with a maximum award of $1,500.

For detailed information see the link below.
Note, the application deadline is  February 15, 2014 for summer projects.


If you have questions, need assistance please do not hesitate to contact Marilyn Herbert-Ashton (mherbert-ashton@virginiawestern.edu).
Please note that all requests for external funding must go through the Grants Office.

For additional information about grants and funding please visit the Grants Development web page at http://virginiawestern.edu/grants/  or VW Connect at https://vwconnect.vw.edu/sites/ia/grants/default.aspx.

Don’t Forget: Navigating SIS Professional Development

Come to the Natural Science Center for the first Navigate professional development session of 2014. This session will offer tips and tricks for navigating SIS when advising students as well as a question and answer session led by Brooke Ferguson. Sessions are offered:

TODAY--Monday, January 13 from 12-1
Thursday, January 16 from 2-3
Friday, January 17 from 9-10

Educational Foundation Student Assistance Programs

EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION BOOK FUND - These funds are designed to help students purchase textbooks.  These funds DO NOT assist students with required items for classes such as art supplies, knives, or other equipment. The application is available on the Educational Foundations VWConnect page.


  1. Request for funding should come to the Educational Foundation from the student's professor or counselor -- NOT THE STUDENT.  The maximum award may not exceed $400.  The Educational Foundation will begin processing book fund applications on Wednesday, January 8.
  2. The form must be completed by the student and by YOU, the student's Virginia Western professor or counselor.
  3. The student must also write a letter of thanks addressed to the Educational Foundation Board noting how these funds will help him/her meet his/her goals.
  4. Please FAX this completed form AND the letter of thanks to the Educational Foundation at 857.6370.
  5. The Educational Foundation will contact YOU, the person recommending the student, so that you can contact the student. The process is usually complete within 24 hours.
  6.  Students will pick up textbooks from the Virginia Western Campus Bookstore and must bring one form of photo I.D.(ex. Driver's license or VWCC I.D).


EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION STUDENT EMERGENCY FUND - These funds are designed to address exceptional financial hardship faced by new and continuing Virginia Western students that could affect their continuing education. Examples of types of emergencies to consider: house fire, medical issues, assistance with temporary housing for a student left homeless, etc. These funds are limited, so please carefully consider each student’s request.


  1. The application for Student Emergency Funds is available on the Educational Foundation’s VWConnect page. Emergency Fund application requests may be made for up to $500. Requests for food gift cards may be made for up to $100. Requests for gas gift cards may be made for up to $50. A student may only apply once for emergency funds within a semester and for only one type of assistance, so please consider which type of funding would best help the student.
  2. The Educational Foundation will begin processing emergency fund applications on Wednesday, January 8.
  3. The student must complete the Student Information section on the reverse side of the application, and attach copies of the bill(s) to be paid, if applicable.
  4. The student’s instructor/counselor must complete the Instructor/Counselor Recommendation section on the reverse side of the application.
  5. Once completed, submit the application to a member of the Student Emergency Fund Advisory Council – Avis Quinn, Chad Sartini or Sheri Meixner. The advisory council member will send the completed form to the Educational Foundation.
  6. The Educational Foundation will contact the advisory council member once the application is processed.

Money Available for Innovative Teaching and Learning Ideas!!!

2014 Faculty & Staff Innovation Grants Available

The 2014 Innovation Grant Application is now available. The deadline to apply for a 2014 grant is March 28, 2014.  These grants are offered by the Educational Foundation to encourage academic enrichment activities.

Faculty and staff should consider proposing innovative projects, novel approaches, and creative activities that support the College’s vision statement:

As a student-oriented center for lifelong learning, Virginia Western Community College will meet the needs of our diverse community by providing comprehensive educational programs and workforce development.

Awards will be made on May 1, 2014. If awarded, the mid-term report for the Innovation Grant will be due on Sept. 17, 2014 and final report will be due April 1, 2015.

Frequently asked questions:

Who can apply?  All members of the Virginia Western Community College faculty and staff may apply.  Faculty must have been at the College for at least 2 yrs. of continuous service, September-June.

What is the typical amount of an Innovation Grant award?  Awards range from $1,000.00 - $7,000.00

What is the length of the application?  Applicant must provide a cover sheet with supervisor’s name, detailed description (should not exceed 3 pages), explanation of how success of the project will be measured, timetable, budget, additional information (i.e. brochures, videos, etc. that elucidate the application.)

How difficult is it to secure this grant?  Awards are based on the quality and uniqueness of the projects submitted.  Therefore, degree of difficulty in securing an Innovation Grant depends on the number of applicants with outstanding projects for consideration.Make sure your grant stands out!!

Please contact Carolyn Payne at cpayne@virginiawestern.edu with any questions.


Give Up! for Food for Thought

Food For Thought: An Edible Education Partnership, administered by the Virginia Western Educational Foundation, is featured this month as the recipient of Roanoke Natural Foods Co-op’s community awareness and fund raising program, Give Up! 

Through Give Up! you may “round up” their purchases to the nearest dollar and contribute your change to Food For Thought throughout the month of January.  Money raised will be put toward the purchase of garden tools, seeds, gloves and boots for James Madison Middle School.

To learn more about Food For Thought, Roanoke Natural Foods Co-op and the Give Up! Program, see:  http://roanokenaturalfoods.com/give-up/, www.foodforthoughtva.org, or like us on Facebook!