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July 24, 2013


VWCC KIDS College 2013 (summer camps for 3rd - 12th grades) - Follow link for more details: We still have space available in Chemical Magic 8/5-8/9 9am-12pm, Lego Video Games 7/29-8/2 9am-12pm and Video Game Animation 8/5-8/9 9am-12pm.  Deadline for registration to these last few camps is Monday July 29th.  http://virginiawestern.edu/summercamps/index.html Contact Paulette Parkhill pparkhill@virginiawestern.edu

Project Management Exam Prep BUSC BUSC 2507 - AC2 class #67189 Thursday 10/10/13 - 12/19/13 (6:00pm-9:30pm) Duncan Hall Room 102 - This course is designed to introduce students to the concepts of project management as defined within PMI.org, the accreditation body for project management. Students must furnish their own textbooks. Contact Paulette Parkhill 540-857-6514 or pparkhill@virginiawestern.edu

Industrial Maintenance Technician (17 Weeks, 20 Hours/Week, 340 Total Hours) This VWCC Quick Connect Intensive Industrial Maintenance Technician's program introduces students to the knowledge and skills they will need to work in manufacturing or industrial plants. Entry level industrial maintenance technicians call upon a variety of skills in electronics, mechanical and digital systems to repair and maintain large and complex machines. Through on-line, classroom and hands-on training, students will build skills in an array of mechanical, electrical and technological areas including welding and maintenance, mechanical systems, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, and electrical control systems. Students will use a variety of resources including Tooling University from the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. For additional program information, please contact Leah Coffman at 857-6678; James Smith at 857-6273; or contact a VWCC Career Transition Coach at 857-6296 (Deb Squire) or 857-6279 (Amanda Decker)

Fall Federal Work-Study

If you would like to post a Federal Work-Study (FWS) position for the Fall 2013 term, please submit personnel requisitions to Adam Bailey in the financial aid office as soon as possible.  The Personnel Requisition Form can be found on VWConnect under HR Forms, or email Adam at abailey@virginiawestern.edu to request a copy.

2013 Fall Picnic

Please join us for our Faculty and Staff Annual Fall Picnic on Monday, August 19th to celebrate the beginning of a new college year and the opening of the new Center for Science and Health Professions (CSHP).  We will enjoy a barbeque-style lunch buffet from noon to 2 p.m. in the plaza between the Business Science Building and the CSHP.  Tours of the CSHP will be available, come join the celebration.

In order to avoid having everyone sign in and to ensure the correct quanity when ordering food, please use the following link to reserve your space at the picnic. http://survey.vccs.edu/wsb.dll/s/41gf6e. Please register by Friday, August 16th.

Summer 2012 Blackboard Course Deletion and Preparation of Fall 2013 Course Content

All Summer 2012 (and prior) courses will be removed from Blackboard on August 2, 2013. Blackboard is not designed as a permanent historical archive of course activity. It is a production system for current classes. Keeping old courses can have a negative effect on the performance of the system for current courses and current students. This is why all courses are constantly archived and then eventually removed.

The criteria for removal at this stage:

1. Course ID ending in "SU12"

2. Or created before May 1, 2012


  • On July 22, title of courses is changed to include "Will delete August 2, 2013" and courses are made unavailable on Blackboard.
  • All courses are archived (this is an ongoing standard procedure) by VCCS ITS.
  • August 2, 2013 (and following) - all flagged courses will be removed from production.

Courses that are “deleted” will no longer be accessible to the instructor for access on Blackboard. The current VCCS policy allows courses to be accessible to instructors on Blackboard for three previous semesters and then the courses can be restored only by a Blackboard administrator. This is done by instructor request. So if you should need course content from an earlier semester, it can be restored.

Quick Reminders for Faculty Teaching Fall 2013

  • Faculty can use Course Copy function on Blackboard to transfer course content from one course to another course. Instructors should complete their course copy as earlier as possible to avoid Blackboard traffic (please remember, all 23 VCCS community colleges are all using the same Blackboard course management system. Usually Blackboard is very slow the week before school starts).  Here is the instruction about course copy: http://www.virginiawestern.edu/distance/faculty/docs/bb/CopyCourse.pdf
  • Please make past semester Blackboard courses unavailable as students still have access to these courses if the instructor has not made them unavailable. Your Fall 2013 courses are created as unavailable so students are not able to view them until you make the course available. All Fall 2013 courses must be available at the first day of class which is August 21 for student access.  Here is the instruction about how to make course available on Blackboard: http://www.virginiawestern.edu/distance/faculty/docs/bb/CourseAvailables.pdf
  • Students will be enrolled in Fall 2013 Blackboard courses on August 5. Enrolling students into Blackboard will NOT allow students to access the Blackboard course content; instructors will still need to make the course available for students to be able to access Blackboard course content.
  • If you are teaching multiple sections of the same course, your student enrollment from PeopleSoft can be combined into a single Blackboard section so that you do not need to multiple duplicate postings. This will not affect the PeopleSoft/SIS rosters or entering final grades into SIS at the end of the semester. Please contact us if you wish to have sections combined. We will need to have the Course ID and sections to be combined and the section that is to be the container for the sections, e.g. ENG.300.11

If you have any questions, please contact Department of Distance Learning & Instructional Technology at DLearning@virginiawestern.edu

Accounts Payable Reminder

Vendor invoices now serve in the place of receiving reports.

CAPP Topic 20305 entitled Receiving Reports states as follows:

In lieu of a separate receiving report document, a packing slip, delivery receipt, requisition, copy of the purchase order, or electronic receiving report may be used, provided that all of the required information listed in Subsection 200, "Essential Elements of Receiving Reports," are recorded. If one of these methods is used in lieu of a receiving report document, it must be noted as "original."

According to Subsection 200, the essential elements of a receiving report are as follows:

  • Date received
  • Date receiving report was completed
  • Vendor name
  • Purchase order or requisition number, if applicable,
  • Quantity and description of the items received
  • Authorized signature verifying that the items were received in good condition

All invoices must be indicated as “Okay to Pay” or “Received” or “Services Performed Satisfactorily”, etc. and include your signature and the date that the goods or services were received or performed.  The documentation on each invoice is required in addition to submitting a purchase requisition.

CAPP Topic 20310 entitled Expenditures states as follows:

The vendor payment due date is defined as either

  • the date on which payment is due under terms of the contract for provision of goods or services, or
  • if such a date has not been established by a contract, thirty days after receipt of the vendor’s invoice or thirty days after receipt of the goods or services, as specified by the date-stamped receiving report, whichever is later
  • the only exception to this rule is when the vendor offers a % discount for paying the invoice earlier

Important:  The date you indicate on the invoice following your signature is the date that will be used to establish the 30 day due date for the payment to be keyed and for the check to be mailed to the vendor.