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Industrial Maintenance Technician

17 Weeks, 20 Hours/Week, 350 Total Hours


This VWCC Quick Connect Intensive Industrial Maintenance Technician's program introduces students to the knowledge and skills they will need to work in manufacturing or industrial plants. Entry level industrial maintenance technicians call upon a variety of skills in electronics, mechanical and digital systems to repair and maintain large and complex machines. Through on-line, classroom and hands-on training, students will build skills in an array of mechanical, electrical and technological areas including welding and maintenance, mechanical systems, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, and electrical control systems. Students will use a variety of resources including Tooling University from the Society of Manufacturing Engineers.


  • Mathematics for the Trades (15 hours)
  • Technical Computer Application (30 hours)
  • Industrial Safety (OSHA 10)
  • Industrial Measurements & Conversions (15 hours)
  • Blueprint Reading & Mechanical Codes (15 hours)
  • Introduction to Welding with AWS certification (60 hours)
  • Mechanical Systems Maintenance & Instrumentation (15 hours)
  • Practical Electricity (45 hours)
  • Electrical Control & Power Systems (45 hours)
  • Applied Hydraulics & Pneumatics (45 hours)
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (45 hours)
  • Job Readiness (10 hours)


Orientation: January 13, 2014, 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM, Goodwill Industries of the Valleys Jobs Campus (Bennett Mechanical Assessment to be taken at that time.)

Dates & Time: Jan 13 - May 8, 2014, 5:30 PM - 10:30 PM, Monday - Thursday

Location: Goodwill Industries of the Valleys Jobs Campus, 2502 Melrose Ave NW, Roanoke, VA

Cost: $3,712 tuition, $750 textbooks, $755 Credentials ($620 Veterans)

To Apply & Register

Registration is required by 5pm on the Wednesday prior to class start date. Students must complete a non-credit college application and have completed the Career Readiness Certificate at a Bronze level or higher.

For additional program information, please contact James Smith at 857-6273; or contact a VWCC Career Transition Coach at 857-6296 (Deb Squire) or 857-6279 (Amanda Decker).