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Automotive Engine Performance Class


Class will prepare the individual to become ASE Certified A8 Performance.

A grant is available to cover cost for individuals who meet program eligibility.

The grant is geared toward Service Veterans to assist in transition to civilian employment, career planning, and assessments to find interests, Job searches, guidance, counseling, daily support and employment placement and retention.
Grant Eligibility Requirements:

  • Veterans must be in one or more of the priority groups:
    1. Discharged within 48 months with any discharge above dishonorable
    2. Have a Service Connected Disability
    3. Campaign Veterans
    4. *Veterans with significant barriers
    5. **Eligible spouses
  • Experience pertaining to or interests in Automotive or Industrial Maintenance (MOS to civilian equivalent)
  • Co-Enrollment into the Dislocated Worker Program
    1. Sign up for Virginia Workforce Connection (VAWC)
    2. Have at least applied for 2 or more jobs through VAWC.
    3. Be eligible for, receiving or exhausted Unemployment benefits
  • Co-Enrollment into Beyond Jobs (Women only)

Target Audience:

Veterans with classifications such as MOS-91B-007 with Skill Level 10 or 20,

Automotive technicians with some repair and electrical experience but no experience with technical applications or comprehensive diagnostic equipment.

Instructional Time:

Class Starts January 21, 2014
120 hours at 8 hours/week for 15 weeks

Instructional Cost:

$1,326.50 per student (minimum 8; maximum 12 students)

Class Hours:

6:00 PM – 10:00 PM,
Tuesday and Thursday


ASE Certification A8 Engine Performance
Costs: $36 for registration; $31 for A8 exam; total $67 per student

Testing Required:

  • Complete placement testing at the VWCC Main Campus, Library basement (Click here for details). Attach a copy of your test results to this form (see below for form). If your test scores fall below acceptable limits, you may re-take the test up to two additional times. Click here for practice testing information.
  • Take the testing for the Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) and receive a Bronze score on the CRC.
  • Student understands that you will be required to take the Bennett Mechanical Test as part of the class.

To register

If interested, download the application package (below) that includes complete information about the application process or call (540) 857-6076 to have one mailed to you!

Class Application Package (PDF)