Virginia Western Workforce Solutions

About Workforce Solutions

We Make a Difference With Solution Focused Training

If your business, industry, or organization needs solution focused training our training specialists can meet with you to listen and assess your needs. We provide training that is customized to meet your needs!

With training facilities strategically located throughout the Virginia Western's service area, we offer convenience to your employees or we can bring the training to your site.

The goal of Workforce Solutions and Life Long Learning is to provide continuing education, up-to-date training information, resources, and support services to existing businesses and the community, as well as to potential business and industry.

Workforce Development = Workforce Solutions

  • A dedicated team of Program Coordinators with a focus on customer service
  • A strong working relationship with regional business and industry partners
  • Assessment/Analysis/Evaluation Approach - determine client needs/goals; deliver approved solutions; evaluate results for continuous improvement
  • Provide wide range of assessment tools and customized training services
  • Collaborate partnerships with regional and statewide resources; can leverage resources from entire VCCS system
  • Greenfield Education and Training Center for new industry "start-up" preparation


Virginia Western Community College's Workforce Solutions will be a leader in training and development for business, industry, and government in Virginia.


Virginia Western Community College's Workforce Solutions mission is to provide state-of-the-art training and retraining resources, information, consulting, and support services to the business community in the region.

Benefits to Business and Industry

  • Reduces the need for special training staff and related costs
  • Reduces the need for designated space and special equipment for training
  • Permits supervisory and/or production staff to direct their time to regular responsibilities rather than to training
  • Promotes a competitive edge for new and/or small companies through training that improves efficiency and productivity
  • Reduces non-productive time for training -- company equipment can remain in operation
  • Enables new businesses or industries to be fully operational upon opening